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James Loudspeaker - SO-TK4S-6X14 - Accessory

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Our Thoughts

Experience the immersive, deep sound by integrating your Powerpipe subwoofers seamlessly into your space with the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14. This expertly crafted accessory brilliantly mimics a 153mm x 356mm floor mount register HVAC vent, effectively merging with your interior design without sacrificing power. Its compatibility extends from 2x4 to 2x6 wall constructions making it a flexible addition to virtually any build. Please note, this product does not work with the 1500PTM. With a tube sizing at 4" and a straight-through entry, this accessory ensures clean, undistorted sound. The toekick length and cutout dimensions assure a perfect fit into your setting, enhancing your audio experience in an aesthetically pleasing approach.

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ℹ Product Information

Introducing the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory

The James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory is the epitome of modern audio innovation and construction ingenuity. Unlike typical speaker add-ons, this bespoke accessory is a one-of-a-kind, custom register port option that functions and fits like a 153mm x 356mm floor mount register HVAC vent. Its design is not only unique but also versatile, seamlessly integrating with 2x4 and 2x6 wall constructions, making it a perfect solution for various architectural requirements.

This accessory is specially designed to work harmoniously with all Powerpipe subwoofers (excluding the 1500PTM), taking your sound system's performance to a professional level. The SO-TK4S-6X14 stands out with its 4" tube size and straight-through entry, specifically tailored for audio perfection.

With an overall toekick length of 105mm and a neat cutout size of 330mm x 124mm, it fits perfectly in any room or venue. The dimensions are meticulously calibrated for easy installation, with a height of 154.31 mm, width of 360.68 mm, and depth of 104.77 mm, ensuring a seamless fit without any issues.

In a world where quality sound and seamless design integration are paramount, the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory stands as an unparalleled contender. Enhance your sound experience with this powerful, well-designed accessory today!

Features of the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory:

  1. Custom Register Port: Mimics a 153mm x 356mm floor mount register HVAC vent, providing a seamless and aesthetic integration in your room. This unique feature assures a custom-fit solution for numerous architectural setups.

  2. Compatibility: Versatility is no issue with this accessory. Whether you have a 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction, it will fit and function perfectly. This flexibility allows the accessory to adapt to multiple architectural designs.

  3. Subwoofer Sync: Experience the magic of perfectly synced audio. This accessory works harmoniously with all Powerpipe subwoofers (excluding the 1500PTM), providing a flawless augment to your sound setup.

  4. Tube Size: The 4" tube size with a straight-through entry aids in delivering unparalleled audio clarity. This size has been carefully selected to ensure optimal sound performance.

  5. Precise Dimensions: With an overall toekick length of 105mm, cutout size of 330mm x 124mm, height of 154.31mm, width of 360.68mm, and depth of 104.77mm, the accessory is designed for easy installation and fits into designated spaces without a hitch.

Benefits of the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory:

  1. Superior Audio Experience: By working in harmony with your Powerpipe subwoofers, this accessory elevates your audio experience to new heights.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: The accessory is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It mimics a HVAC vent, providing a seamless and elegant look to your room.

  3. Versatile Usage: Regardless of your wall construction, this accessory fits seamlessly. This versatility introduces a world of audio possibilities to different architectural designs.

  4. Easy Installation: Designed with precision, the accessory slots perfectly into your room setup. With carefully calculated dimensions, installation becomes a breeze.

  5. Pro-Level Performance: Attain professional sound quality in your personal space. With the SO-TK4S-6X14, you get to experience pro-level performance right in your room or venue.

Product Specifications

Product Name: James Loudspeaker - SO-TK4S-6X14 - Accessory

Type: Custom Register Port Option

Compatibility: All Powerpipe Subwoofers (excluding 1500PTM)

Use: For 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction, 153mm x 356mm floor mount register HVAC vent

Tube Size: 4"

Entry Type: Straight-through

Overall Toekick Length: 105mm

Cutout Dimensions: 330mm x 124mm

Dimensions (H x W x D): 154.31 mm x 360.68 mm x 104.77 mm

Complete your sound system with the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory and experience the ultimate in audio sophistication. Be proud to invest in a product born from cutting-edge innovation and exquisite design, created for those who understand that exceptional sound requires exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you're an audiophile or an enthusiast yearning for unparalleled sound quality, the SO-TK4S-6X14 accessory promises to surpass every expectation. Experience this transformative sound component offered by Australia's top-rated Hi-Fi store, The Audio Tailor. Phone us now at 1300 308 711 or email us at, or better yet, come see us in person at our Brisbane store. Make your sound legendary with the James Loudspeaker SO-TK4S-6X14 Accessory.

ℹ Specifications
Product Specifications

| Product Name | James Loudspeaker - SO-TK4S-6X14 - Accessory| | Type | Custom Register Port Option | | Compatibility | All Powerpipe Subwoofers (excluding 1500PTM) | | Use | For 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction, 153mm x 356mm floor mount register HVAC vent | | Tube Size | 4" | | Entry Type | Straight-through | | Overall Toekick Length | 105mm | | Cutout Dimensions | 330mm x 124mm | | Dimensions (H x W x D) | 154.31 mm x 360.68 mm x 104.77 mm |

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