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Montaudio - Bowen AC-1 - XLR cable


Unsatisfied with the performance of off-the-shelf XLR connectors, The Bowen XLR cable utilizes an in-house developed custom XLR connector. Fabricated from 24K Gold Plated nickle-free Red Copper, glass-reinforced PBT fills the internal space ensuring great mechanical stability over time. A spring loaded push button lock further ensure a secure connection with no accidental disconnections.

Inspired by the river it's named after, the creators of the Bowen AC-1 XLR Interconnect Cable have recreated the same crisp, smooth frequency response reminiscent of the upper Bowen River, whilst maintaining the same spectacularly powerful delivery as the Lady Bowen Falls.

Featuring a triple conductor balanced design, with full copper foil & OFC braided shielding to guard the purity of the analogue signals from all outside interference, listeners will be astounded by the clean, natural, powerful tonal delivery.

Crisp, Natural, Powerful – prepare to be delighted.



  • Cable type - Triple-Conductor Balanced Design Analogue XLR Interconnect Cable
  • Metal - 5N 99.9997% LC-OFC
  • Metal diameter - 2x ø0.15mm x19 + ø0.25mm x7
  • Dielectric - High Quality Polyethylene Dielectric on Main Conductors
  • Shielding - Full Copper Foil + OFC Braided
  • Connectors - Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated
  • Connector housing - Brass + Solid Natural Walnut Wood
  • Jacket - Metallic Brown / Yellow Gold Braided
  • Outer Diameter - 8mm

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