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Music Hall - mmf-1.3 - Turntable ex static display never played a record

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Our Thoughts

Immerse yourself in the rich, pure tones of vinyl with the Music Hall mmf-1.3 turntable. This stunning piece of audiophile technology sets a new standard in affordable, high-quality turntables. Beautifully crafted with a focus on the critical components like the bearing, motor, and tonearm, the mmf-1.3 offers superb performance straight out of the box. The added advantage of a built-in phono preamplifier and a pre-mounted, precision-aligned Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, seals the deal for any vinyl music enthusiast. Enjoy speed control accuracy, 3-speed full manual driving, and the bonus of a gloss black finish that will complement any sound system. With the mmf-1.3, you don't just listen to music, you become a part of it. Experience the difference today, with the Music Hall mmf-1.3 turntable, from Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store, The Audio Tailor.

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ℹ Product Information

Music Hall mmf-1.3 Turntable

We have one only ex static display unit that has never even played a record that we are clearing, you can save some dollars.

Step back into the golden age of pure analog sound with the Music Hall mmf-1.3 Turntable. A model that specifies an obdurate refusal to neglect the audiophile's exacting standards, even at an approachable price point. This formidable contraption is more than just a trip down memory lane; it's a revolutionary fusion of sophistication and simplicity. Heralding a built-in phono preamplifier and a premium, pre-mounted cartridge, the mmf-1.3 emerges from its packaging as a complete unit aimed at taking you straight to the heart and soul of vinyl with uncompromising sound quality. Key features include:

  1. Built-In Phono Preamplifier: This is a significant advantage for those without a dedicated phono input on their existing system. It allows the mmf-1.3 Turntable to be plugged directly into any line-level input, providing ease of use without sacrificing sound quality.

  2. Premium Pre-Mounted Cartridge: The mmf-1.3 is ready to play your favorite records right out of the box! The pre-mounted Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, part of a $50 bonus package, saves you on setup time and ensures expert-level alignment for optimal audio performance.

  3. Aluminum Tonearm with Removable Headshell: This feature brings professional-grade strength and sturdiness, ensuring accurate tracking and outstanding audio reproduction. Plus, the removable headshell allows for easy cartridge upgrades or replacements.

  4. Belt Drive Electronic Speed Controlled Motor: This feature guarantees accurate platter rotation across 33 1⁄3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds, ensuring optimal sound reproduction from any record.

  5. Piano Black MDF Plinth and Rubber Platter Mat: These features combine to minimize any unwanted vibrations, reducing distortion and providing a clean, crisp audio output.

  6. Incorporated Audio Technica AT3600L Cartridge: This top-notch cartridge produces a warm, rich sound, enhancing the audio experience.

  7. Aluminum Platter & Dust Cover: The durable Aluminium platter paired with the protective dust cover expands the lifespan of your turntable, preserving its quality and appearance for a long time.

  8. Removable RCA Cables & Vibration Damping Feet: These additions give a level of flexibility in setup and help to isolate the turntable from environmental vibrations, leading to a more reliable, high-quality sound output.

  9. Genuine Gloss Black Finish: Not only is the mmf-1.3 exceptionally functional, but it's also aesthetically pleasing and blends well with any home decor.

  10. Focus on Essential Components: Emphasizing the bearing, motor, and tonearm, the mmf-1.3 offers a simplified, superior vinyl experience, proving that luxury can be affordable without sacrificing features or quality.

  11. Precision Aligned Cartridge: The already installed cartridge has been precision-aligned. This meticulous alignment ensures the needle traces the record grooves accurately, leading to excellent sound reproduction.

  12. Hinged Dust Cover: The dust cover provides maximum protection, keeping your turntable and vinyl records clean and dust-free for optimal performance.

In short, the Music Hall mmf-1.3 Turntable is a compact, easy-to-use unit designed with attention to detail, offering the perfect mix between affordability, high-level functionality and top-tier sound quality. The accompanying Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge further highlights the unit's value, providing an uncommonly rich, dynamic sound experience.

Product Information

  • General

  • Power supply: DC12V,2.0A universal power supply

  • Consumption: 4W

  • Dimensions: 17.1(W) x 14.5(D) x 4.2(H) in. / 435(W) x 367(D) x 106(H) mm

  • Weight: 11lbs. / 5Kg

  • Turntable

  • Type: 3-speed full manual

  • Motor: DC motor

  • Driving method: belt drive

  • Turntable Platter: 296mm dia. aluminium die

Invigorate your senses with the Music Hall mmf-1.3 Turntable, an investment into a timeless feast of auditory pleasure. It is exquisitely built, sporting an unrivaled dedication to the quality of sound expected from a top-end turntable - and delivering it at an unbeatable price. A culmination of paramount performance, the mmf-1.3 gifts an authentic vinyl listening experience, resonating both deep soulful tonality and epic peaks of high-frequency clarity. As Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store, The Audio Tailor, presents this masterfully crafted turntable, developed with the hardcore audiophile in mind. It's a bold, aesthetic step forward into yesteryears, filled with warm memories of analog tunes. Elicit the magic trapped within the grooves of your vinyl collection and let the Music Hall mmf-1.3 Turntable transport you on a nostalgic journey through uncompromised audio brilliance.

To experience this melody of the past in harmony with the technology of the future, visit our Brisbane store or contact us at or 1300 308 711. Unleash the raw, untouched essence of music, enhanced by the mmf-1.3, an iconic symbol of Music Hall's commitment to superior sound quality. Your vinyl collection deserves nothing less.

ℹ Specifications
Product Information Description
Power supply DC12V,2.0A universal power supply
Consumption 4W
Dimensions 17.1(W) x 14.5(D) x 4.2(H) in. / 435(W) x 367(D) x 106(H) mm
Weight 11lbs. / 5Kg
Type 3-speed full manual
Motor DC motor
Driving method belt drive
Turntable Platter 296mm dia. aluminium die

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