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Ortofon - OM 5S - Cartridge

by Ortofon
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Our Thoughts

Discover a front-row seat to the world of high-fidelity sound with the Ortofon - OM 5S - Cartridge. Built on the superb foundation of the OM 5E, this entry-level cartridge delivers an enriching audio experience at an unbeatable price point. It's a welcome pathway for those venturing into the vinyl realm or DJs seeking richer detail beyond the durability of usual DJ cartridges. The OM 5S is not just about astounding sound; it’s defined by its incredible upgradeability - all it takes is a simple stylus swap for a more refined OM model. Featuring an easy-to-align spherical stylus and lightweight design compatible with a variety of tonearms, this cartridge boasts matchless value for an entry-level model. With the OM 5S, quality sound and robust performance are simply unassailable.

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ℹ Product Information

Ortofon – OM 5S Cartridge

Dive deep into the exquisitely rich sound world of vinyl records like never before, with the Ortofon – OM 5S Cartridge. This ingenious spherical stylus is the ideal starting point for anyone seeking to experience the warm, captivating audio quality that only analog sound can deliver. Based on the original design of Ortofon’s acclaimed OM 5E, the impeccable OM 5S cartridge takes listening to a new level of acuity with its unmatched value and excellently balanced performance. Equally perfect for the vinyl newbie just dipping their toes into the sonorous pool of high fidelity sound, or the seasoned DJ in pursuit of more intricate detail and nuance than the average DJ cartridge can provide, the OM 5S delivers impeccably on all frontiers. And, upgrading with the OM 5s is breezier than a spring morning; a simple stylus swap to a more complex OM model is all you need to enhance your analog listening experience. Broadly compatible with a wide range of tonearms and lighter than a feather, the OM 5S cartridge boasts an impressively robust playback that is truly surprising for an entry-level cartridge. With its easy alignment, swift interchangeability with other OM styli, and the inherent durability, the OM 5S is not just a product, it's your invitation to a whole new world of audio excellence. Take the plunge, because you simply can't go past the Ortofon -OM 5S cartridge.

Features / Benefits

  • Broad Compatibility: Perfectly honed to pair with a wide array of turntable tonearms, the OM 5S cartridge offers array of possibilities, putting you in the driver’s seat of your vinyl journey. Diversify your setup without missing a beat and experience the pristine purity of sound playback from each record you spin.
  • Spherical Stylus: The design of the spherical stylus presents a ground-breaking feature for easy alignment. It ensures robust playback, safeguarding your vinyl from potential damage and providing a smooth, unshakeable foundation for premier sound nirvana.
  • Interchangeable Styli: Savour the possibility of sound refinement. The OM 5S offers the flexibility to allow for stylus interchanges with other OM styli. This permits upgrades in-line with your escalating analog journey; change your stylus, reshape your sound, feel your journey evolve.
  • Impressive Performance: Unravel the magic of vinyl with this entry-level cartridge that doesn’t compromise on performance. The OM 5S boosts your listening experience, providing a stunningly clear and vibrant audio output. For the novice or the expert, every sound detail is precisely captured, delivering a tantalizingly immersive audio experience every time.
  • Lightweight Construction: The OM 5S cartridge promises practicality and performance, without the weight. Its light-as-air nature makes the cartridge easy to handle, encourages swift installation, and ensures minimal drag, enabling the stylus to float elegantly across your records for perfect playback precision.
  • Unbeatable Value: Setting new standards for entry-level cartridges, the OM 5S makes the premium audio world accessible without breaking the bank. Experience a transformative sound that rivals higher-end models, all at a price designed for audio enthusiasts at every level.
  • Easy Upgrade Path: When you're ready to take your music appreciation to the next level, upgrading is just a stylus swap away. The OM 5S is your springboard into higher realms of sonic delight without needing to change your whole cartridge, offering a hassle-free transition to superior audiophile quality.


  • Product Name: Ortofon - OM 5S - Cartridge
  • Base Model: OM 5E
  • Usability: Perfect for beginners in vinyl and DJs who seek detailed sound
  • Upgrade Path: Easy upgrade by swapping the stylus for a higher OM model
  • Key Features: Spherical stylus for simple alignment and strong playback
  • Design: Lightweight cartridge that aligns with a wide variety of tonearms
  • Additional Feature: Stylus is interchangeable with other OM styli
  • Performance: Offers remarkable performance as an entry-level cartridge.

The Ortofon - OM 5S Cartridge is your ticket to a deeply immersive, refreshing and sensory audio journey, one that invites you to experience nuances and details in your vinyl collection you've never been privy to before. Unearth the paths less travelled in your record grooves with the confidence of this robust and versatile cartridge, guaranteed to deliver consistent, top-tier performance. This is not just an entry-level cartridge; it's the key to unlocking the potential of your cherished vinyl for an enriched audio adventure. Turn to the Ortofon - OM 5S Cartridge for the ultimate in vinyl reproduction fidelity. It’s more than just a product – it's a revelation from the spectrum of sound, delicately packaged into one precision-engineered instrument. Your journey into aural excellence begins here.

Order now at Australia’s #1 Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor, or call on 1300 308 711, email at, or visit us at our Brisbane Store: Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. Embark on your journey and let the Ortofon - OM 5S Cartridge be your faithful guide. It's time you owned the sound.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Description
Product Name Ortofon - OM 5S - Cartridge
Base Model OM 5E
Usability Perfect for beginners in vinyl and DJs who seek detailed sound
Upgrade Path Easy upgrade by swapping the stylus for a higher OM model
Key Features Spherical stylus for simple alignment and strong playback
Design Lightweight cartridge that aligns with a wide variety of tonearms
Additional Feature Stylus is interchangeable with other OM styli
Performance Offers remarkable performance as an entry-level cartridge.

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