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PS Audio - DirectStream Power Plant P20 - Power Regenerator

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Experience the art of pure power delivery with the PS Audio - DirectStream Power Plant P20. This power regenerator is the most powerful model ever produced by PS Audio, providing 2000 watts of pure, clean, low impedance, and regulated power to handle even the most demanding audio systems in the world. The P20 gives your music the power it craves, enhancing dynamics and bass, while allowing for a bigger, more open soundstage. With decades of engineering prowess and innovation culminating in this phenomenal product, your system will resonate with stunning transparency and awe-inspiring dynamics. Give your audio the electric heartbeat it deserves with the PS Audio DirectStream P20. It's not just another power conditioner – it's the embodiment of pure muscle, engineered for uncompromised performance. When it comes to power, the P20 is twice the size, twice the power, half the impedance, and an undeniable testament to PS Audio's relentless pursuit of acoustic perfection.

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ℹ Product Information

DirectStream Power Plant P20 by PS Audio

Experience the revolution in power regeneration with the DirectStream Power Plant P20 by PS Audio. Boasting a robust capacity of 2000 watts of pure regenerated power, our most potent AC regenerator ever, the P20 lies at the pinnacle of pure power delivery as a testament to our unrivalled expertise and innovative technology.

Features / Benefits:

  • Powerful Capacity: The DirectStream Power Plant P20 by PS Audio boasts a robust 2000 watts of pure regenerated power, our most potent AC regenerator ever, offering more than enough power for an entire system. You can trust the reliable, low impedance, regulated power output no matter how demanding your system is.
  • Exceptional Input Ability: The P20 is unique in its ability to accept not just 15 amp but also 20 amp power cables. This allows for a flexible and high-performing power supply regardless of your power needs.
  • Extensive Outlet Options: With P20, you have unrivalled control over 13 EU/AU/GR/UK outlets, catering to various systems worldwide.
  • Regulated Power Delivery: Irrespective of the quality of incoming power, the P20 ensures 100% regenerated, regulated, and top-notch AC supply between 200 - 285VAC. It is committed to powering your most sophisticated devices without a hitch.
  • Interactive User Interface: The adjustable output voltage, coupled with a colour touch screen and LAN interface, facilitates a user-friendly platform for monitoring and adjustment.
  • State-of-the-art Features: Along with an integrated oscilloscope, power meter, and THD meter, you can monitor your power parameters with ease and precision.
  • Patented Architecture: Our unique design revolutionizes dynamics, transparency, and imaging, significantly improving system performance. With precision engineering, P20 converts compromised AC power into pure DC before reconverting it to flawless AC, enabling remarkable sound enhancement.
  • Revolutionary DSD Engine: The integrated FPGA-based DSD engine promises the cleanest and lowest noise sine waves globally, completely changing power regeneration's interpretation.
  • Exceptional Power Delivery: With up to 70 amps peak from internal storage and unrivalled phase accuracy, P20 surpasses any previous regenerator in power delivery.
  • Housing Design: 100 pounds of solid metal cover ensures excellent robustness and durability.
  • Environmental Specifications: Suitable for indoor use only, and capable of continuous operation in conditions up to 40 degrees Celsius (104F) and at altitudes up to 12000 feet.
  • High Storage Capacity Power Supply: Double the power supply storage of any previous Power Plant, providing clean, protected, low-distrortion AC power.


  • Location: Indoor use only
  • Duty Cycle: Suitable for continuous operation
  • Moisture Sensitivity: Not sealed against moisture
  • Operating Humidity: <80%rh
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to +40C
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
  • Max Operating Altitude: 12,000’ (3500m)
  • Nominal Rating: 230V 10A 50/60Hz
  • Unit Dimensions: 17” W x 14” D x 11” H (43cm W x 36cm D x 27.9cm H)
  • Unit Weight: 96 lbs (43.5kg)
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 200–285VAC
  • Maximum Continuous Load: 2000VA
  • Maximum Peak Load: 3600VA
  • Voltage Regulation: >1V
  • Output Distortion (Resistive Load): <0.5%
  • Output Distortion (Reactive Load): <0.5% / 0.1% typical
  • Output Impedance: <0.005 ohm
  • Noise Reduction: 100kHz – 2MHz >80dB
  • Efficiency @1500 VA: >85%
  • Input Frequency: 45 – 65 Hz
  • Under Voltage Limit: Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting
  • Over Voltage Limit: Continuous 5% of setting 15 sec duration 10% of setting
  • Energy Dissipation: 5040J
  • Peak Current Surge: 180,000A
  • Clamp Level: 775V
  • DC Trigger Configuration: Tip Positive
  • DC Trigger Voltage: 5 – 15Vdc

The PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant P20 is way more than just a power supply for your high-end audio systems; it’s a game-changer. As the pinnacle of power regeneration, the P20 delivers absolute musical authenticity, intricate details and dynamic depth like never before. Imagine the powerful avowal of being able to control, cleanse and amplify the power for your system, multiply it by two, and then picture the transformational beauty unfurl in your sound environment. All thanks to the innovative technology and expertise of PS Audio. Whether you're an audiophile or somebody seeking an improved auditory experience, the P20 stands to revolutionize not just your sound but your overall sensory involvement with the music.

Choose the path of unadulterated power and experience unmatched music quality with the DirectStream Power Plant P20, available at The Audio Tailor - voted Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store! Contact us now at or call us at 1300 308 711. You’re welcome to visit us at our Brisbane Store; you can also find us online by clicking here. Elevate your musical journey with the Power Plant P20 – combining impeccability and performance, giving you a listening sensation that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Description
Location Indoor use only
Duty Cycle Suitable for continuous operation
Moisture Sensitivity Not sealed against moisture
Operating Humidity <80%rh
Storage Temperature -40C to +40C
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Max Operating Altitude 12,000’ (3500m)
Nominal Rating 230V 10A 50/60Hz
Unit Dimensions 17” W x 14” D x 11” H (43cm W x 36cm D x 27.9cm H)
Unit Weight 96 lbs (43.5kg)
Nominal Input Voltage 200–285VAC
Maximum Continuous Load 2000VA
Maximum Peak Load 3600VA
Voltage Regulation >1V
Output Distortion (Resistive Load) <0.5%
Output Distortion (Reactive Load) <0.5% / 0.1% typical
Output Impedance <0.005 ohm
Noise Reduction 100kHz – 2MHz >80dB
Efficiency @1500 VA >85%
Input Frequency 45 – 65 Hz
Under Voltage Limit Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting
Over Voltage Limit Continuous 5% of setting 15 sec duration 10% of setting
Energy Dissipation 5040J
Peak Current Surge 180,000A
Clamp Level 775V
DC Trigger Configuration Tip Positive
DC Trigger Voltage 5 – 15Vdc

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