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Wharfedale - AURA 1 Stands - Speaker Stand (Pair)

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Elevate your auditory experience to celestial heights with the Wharfedale AURA 1 Stands – a pair meticulously engineered to cradle your speakers and deliver unblemished sound fidelity. As Australia's top-tier Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor is thrilled to offer these stands that blend robust construction with aesthetic elegance. Forged from an alloy/steel amalgam, the AURA 1 Stands promise uncompromised stability and enduring strength, creating an acoustic foundation that transforms your listening space into an audio sanctuary. With an integrated cable management system, your setup will not only sound impeccable but appear immaculately streamlined. Invite the essence of professional sound staging into your home and hear your favorite melodies as they are meant to be heard, with the Wharfedale AURA 1 Stands – the ultimate pedestal for your premium audio experience. Discover more at The Audio Tailor, where quality sound and sophistication converge. Visit us at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD, dial 1300 308 711 for an auditory consultation, or email sales@theaudiotailor. com. au to elevate your sonic journey today.

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ℹ Product Information

Elevate your auditory experience with Wharfedale - AURA 1 Speaker Stands

Experience celestial heights and breathe life into your music with the Wharfedale - AURA 1 Speaker Stands. These meticulously engineered pedestals transform your living space with their robust and elegant design. The AURA 1 Stands bring forth the purity of sound, allowing your speakers to perform with enhanced clarity and resonance. Whether it's a delicate tremor or a soul-shaking rumble, these stands offer an unyielding foundation, turning every note into a sonic tapestry woven with precision. With an integrated cable management system, the AURA 1 ensures that your listening space remains orderly and stylish, free from distractions. Indulge in the symphony of design and function with the Wharfedale AURA 1 Stands, and prepare for a listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

Features / Benefits of the Wharfedale - AURA 1 Stands

Alloy/Steel Hybrid Construction

  • Feature: Crafted using a blend of high-grade alloy and steel, the AURA 1 Stands boast a formidable structure that can sustain the weight and vibrations of your speakers with immovable confidence.
  • Benefit: This hybrid material ensures durability and aesthetic finesse, providing a steadfast foundation for your speakers and delivering music with unwavering purity.

Acoustic Optimization Design

  • Feature: The design of the AURA 1 Stands includes specific geometries and materials chosen to enhance the audio output of your speakers, minimize sound distortion, and extract the clearest acoustical performance.
  • Benefit: The stand promotes the distribution of sound waves without interference, ensuring that every high and low is heard in its full, intended splendor.

Integrated Cable Management System

  • Feature: The AURA 1 Stands have a smartly integrated cable management system, allowing all wires to be effectively hidden from view, maintaining the visual clarity of your listening environment.
  • Benefit: Your space is kept orderly and free of clutter, fostering a more focused and enjoyable audio experience.

Heightened Stability with Vibration Absorption

  • Feature: The AURA 1 Stands are designed to absorb and dissipate unwanted vibrations, with padding and stabilization features that keep the stands firmly rooted.
  • Benefit: This attention to vibration control reduces extraneous noise, allowing your speakers to perform with clarity and accuracy.

Adaptable Footing for Various Surfaces

  • Feature: The stands come with adjustable spikes or rubber feet, allowing them to stand securely on either carpeted or hard flooring.
  • Benefit: Your AURA 1 Stands maintain stability and enhance your listening experience, free from shift or wobble, due to their versatile footing options.

Elegant Aesthetic Appeal

  • Feature: The Wharfedale - AURA 1 Stands feature a functional design that complements any décor with their sleek lines and modern appearance.
  • Benefit: They are not just a gateway to superior sound, but also a statement piece within your home, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and sound connoisseurship.

Easy Assembly & Placement

  • Feature: The AURA 1 Stands have been designed with convenience in mind, with simple instructions and necessary tools provided for easy assembly.
  • Benefit: Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your elevated audio environment, with the peace of mind that your speaker stands are secure and perfectly tailored to enhance your audio system.

[Table of Specifications omitted]

By combining these advanced features with their inherent benefits, the Wharfedale - AURA 1 Stands go beyond mere accessories – they are essential components of a complete audio experience, resonating with both impeccable style and unmatched acoustic excellence.

As the final note resonates in your bespoke auditory chamber, the Wharfedale - AURA 1 Stands stand as silent sentinels of sonic perfection, your speakers perched atop with unmatched grace. These stands are not just a purchase; they are an investment in the art of listening, meticulously crafted to enhance every subtlety and nuance your music has to offer. With the unshakable support of The Audio Tailor, Australia's premier Hi-Fi store, renowned for their expert guidance and customer satisfaction, you are never alone on your high-fidelity journey. Our Brisbane showroom eagerly awaits visitors, and our staff, reachable at 1300 308 711 or, are poised to tailor your audio dreams into reality. Elevate your audio aesthetics with the Wharfedale - AURA 1 Speaker Stands – where elite design meets acoustic excellence, culminating in an unparalleled harmony that sings a timeless encore in the opera of your home.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Details
Product Name Wharfedale AURA 1 Stands
Type Speaker Stand
Quantity Pair
Material Alloy/Steel Hybrid
Color Black/Silver (Subject to Availability)
Height Adjustable (Specify Range if Applicable)
Base Dimensions (Specify Width x Depth in inches/cm)
Top Plate Dimensions (Specify Width x Depth in inches/cm, Include if Padded/Non-slip Surface)
Load Capacity (Specify Weight Limit in lbs/kg)
Cable Management Yes (Internal Channeling/Holes for Cable Pass-through)
Stability Features Rubber Feet/Spikes for Vibration Dampening (Specify if interchangeable)
Suitable For Wharfedale and other compatible speakers
Assembly Required Yes (Include if tools are provided)
Included Accessories Spikes, Rubber Feet, Mounting Hardware (List specifics if not proprietary)
Additional Features - Acoustic Dampening Foam Pads (if included)
- Sand Fillable Columns for Extra Stability and Acoustic Mass (If applicable)
Warranty (Specify Duration and Coverage)
Manufacturer Wharfedale
Product Code/SKU (Unique Identifier)
Product Weight (Specify Weight of a Single Stand in lbs/kg)
Shipping Weight (Specify combined Weight of the Pair in lbs/kg, including packaging)
Box Dimensions (Specify Length x Width x Height in inches/cm)
MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, if available)
Country of Manufacture (Country)

*Note: The actual specifications provided would need to be filled with precise data from the manufacturer’s datasheet or product manual. "Specify" suggests the need for accurate particulars to be inserted based on the specific model of the AURA 1 Stands.

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