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Dust Covers Brisbane

Vinyl is life.

But dust is the death knell of all things records, so if you have (or are buying) a turntable, you’ll definitely need to have the right dust cover to keep your player - and your records - in top shape.

Sure, you could just throw a towel over it. You could also just chuck that Ming vase in the hall closet when you’re not displaying it, right? Of course not. Your turntable is an investment, and having the right size and shape of dust cover that perfectly matches it is super important to keeping everything undamaged and running smoothly.

We have several cover options for turntable brands like Pro-Ject, Rega, and Thorens. These covers will help keep your turntable in perfect condition for years to come, and is a vital part of the vinyl puzzle.

Should you leave the dust cover on while playing a record? It’s really a matter of personal preference. Some people can tell a difference in sound quality with it on and prefer leaving it off, but if you don’t notice any, feel free to leave it on and keep dust off not only the player while it’s in use, but off of your record as well. Either way, happy listening!

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