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Spin Clean Record Washer

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Thank you for visiting The Audio Tailor.

We’re Stuart, Gabby, Nathan and Vaughan. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

The first question we get from customers usually starts with, “What’s the difference between...”

When you’re shopping for new speakers, a turntable, or even thinking of putting together that home theatre of your teenage dreams - you’ll likely be faced with stacks of comparisons.

Why would I buy the Bluesound Pulse 2i when the Flex 2i is half the price?

Is Spin Clean the best?

Should I wait for a sale? Or get this now? What will I be missing out on when the new model comes out next year?

Endless questions. Lots of FOMO. Loads of hmm-ing and ha-ing.

And there SHOULD be.

Because you don’t go to a Hi-Fi store and drop $2000, $3000, or $15000 on something you're not 100%, positively, secure-in-your heart sure of.

It’s a lot of hard-earned money on the line.

Imagine doing hours of your own research. Reading up the suppliers’ websites, taking notes from Hi Fi blogs, categorizing the differing opinions as you trawl r/audiophile. You know what you’re getting. You’ve narrowed the online stores down to the final five. You’ve checked and re-checked that you’re getting the best deal. You’re sure you’re not getting ripped off by shipping.

You hit the “Checkout” button. Momentary relief!

That is...

Until your speakers haven’t arrived by the estimated delivery date and you have yet to hear a peep about its progress.

Until your new turntable arrives with a crack in the dust cover.

Until your long-awaited amp set-up fails to deliver the kind of sound you had in mind. Now you’re not even sure if you got the right one anymore, or how to troubleshoot it.

What could possibly be worse?

What about: No after-sales service. No phone number to call. And no one responding to your tickets.

Not to mention the hundreds of man hours you’ve already lost on reading layman opinions from the likes of Graham H. from Melbourne and Sarah D. from Perth; dutifully scrolling through pages and pages of reviews. Torturing yourself by looking for all the ones with less than 3 stars... when you could have been sitting back and diving into a whole new world of immersive sound and deliciously satisfying body vibrations.

Would it make sense to go to audio specialists that know brands, specs, and installation like the back of their hands?

Should you spend less time on weighing up pros and cons and more time enjoying good music?

Want to get the absolute best home theatre for your budget and surroundings without the weight of 100++ brand offerings bogging you down?

We like to think so!

And that’s why we’re here. Two things to know about us:

Thing 1: We were voted Australia’s 2021 Hi Fi Retailer of the Year (Yay! And THANK YOU!)

Thing 2: This is purely because we are sound specialists and audioheads - NOT salesmen.

We got into this business because we genuinely love audio and because we realized there was a lot of faceless dropshipping in the HiFi industry - and not enough expertise out there. People who keep coming back to us do so because they’re getting attention to detail and individualized solutions that they can’t find elsewhere.

Our clients don’t need to worry about budget, brand name, or size.

All they need to worry about, is talking to us.

Because, when you come to us, you’re in for a conversation.

We want to know the picture in your head.

That final portrait of you back from the flea market with Pearl Jam’s Ten, eager to place it gently upon a turntable you haven’t quite decided on yet.

A summer barbeque in your garden with the boys. Having a yarn around a beer-filled cooler while appreciating the crisp, clear, quality of sound streaming through the open doors of your listening space.

The kids having mates over - quiet for once - immersed in a good movie, lights out, in the comfort of the home theatre that is your pride and joy. “I wish we had one of these at our place!”

Once we know precisely what your ultimate scenario looks like, we’ll want to know what you’re working with.

What kind of budget have you set aside?

What’s the existing set-up look like?

How big is the listening room you have in mind?

How much ambient light is coming in?

Are you running drywall or wood panelling? Carpet or hardwood?

What about room resonance and reflection?

No idea what we’re going on about? No worries. We intend to talk you through all that. Our aim is that you get the absolute best sound system for your home, at a price point you’re happy with, and an aesthetic you can’t help but want to show off.

To get to this end goal, an unhealthy interest in all things audio simply isn’t enough. That’s why we spend countless hours behind the scenes sourcing products from only the most reliable brands and trustworthy suppliers - regardless of their branding and marketing.

We don’t rely on them to tell us what’s good about their equipment. We’ve developed our own proactive testing process to judge what’s what. So you get hands-on knowledge every single time. Coupled with our tight networks and stable supply chain meticulously refined over the years, we strive to ensure that the experience you get at The Audio Tailor is personal, seamless, and painless.

Personal, because it’s uniquely you in musicality, design, and taste. Your options are hand picked by us from amongst some of the world’s biggest, best, and most dependable brands.

Seamless, because we’re only small. You get one of us. Not one of dozens of salesmen milling about the place, working for commission and pushing the most expensive products.

Painless, because we don’t recommend anything until we’re clear about your needs. We follow up with you to make sure everything’s arrived in one piece. For us, the transaction isn’t over until your equipment is safely installed and fully satisfying.


Some of the big things we feel are missing in the HiFi world are:

  • The need for expertise before, during, and after the sale
  • A vast wealth of comparative knowledge, and
  • A commitment to end-to-end service.

At The Audio Tailor, we hope we’ve made it clear that service doesn’t shut off when a problem pops up. It’s an opportunity to tighten the ship we run, bolster our 5-star reputation, and most importantly - make someone’s day.

Hi! We see you’ve actually made it to the end of this page. Love it!

We’d like to end this by giving a shout out to all the enthusiasts and audiophiles we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years. It has been a privilege to share our desire, passion, and journey for the purest sound and finest entertainment solutions for your homes and businesses.

Thank you to all our customers - past, present, and future - for helping us chase after something above the ordinary.

To make your audio dreams come true - call, email, or hop on down to our Brisbane store.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Product Description

Do you know how much damage can be caused by playing dirty vinyl records? You could significantly reduce the life and the audio quality of your Turntable's Stylus/Cartridge.

Have you heard the difference between a dirty record & a clean record? - the difference is significant!

Protect your precious vinyl with the Spin Clean Record Washer/Cleaner - remove dust, fingerprints, grease, smoke, film and static all whilst Making your vinyl records appear brand new & sound incredible! The pack includes: Washer Basin and Lid Washer Fluid 4oz One Pair Brushes MKII One Pair Rollers MKII Two Washable Drying Cloths

Spin Clean is the only record washing system on the market that is a “bath type” complete record cleaning system for 45's, LP's and 78's. The Spin Clean is incredibly easy to use:1. Just spin the record two or three times in the Spin Clean record washing system, 2. Remove 3. Wipe dry with the special lint-free cloth.

Presto, it's clean.

The washer fluid encapsulates dirt and keeps it suspended in the system, rather than putting it back onto the record - all the dirt falls to the bottom of the tank.

The fluid will clean over 700 records (Spin Clean comes with enough washer fluid to fill the system 14 times. Each filling will clean up to 50 records, just add three capfuls to water and you're ready to go.)

This is the most economical way to clean records for only cents per record. The Spin Clean Record Washer contains no alkalines, soap solutions or phosphates and is biodegradable. Obviously, that means it's safe to use, easy on your hands, and works with hard or soft water and warm or cold water. No solution remains on your records after the clean which will prevent more dirt from accumulating after cleaning.

Using the Spin Clean will prolong the life your stylus.

The Spin Clean was tested by a private laboratory, and the results were remarkable. Output sensitivity was increased substantially, and channel separation was improved. Also, amplified record noise was reduced. (An STR 100 test record was used).

Spin Clean has dual velvet brushes that gently and effectively remove dirt particles. No other system cleans both sides of the record at the same time. Additionally, this system uses no electric or other costly power source. For a few minutes of your time and very little money, Spin Clean will work for you. It's a sound investment to protect your investment in sound. No record collector can afford not to have the Spin Clean record washing system. It makes a perfect gift every time. Spin Clean Record Washer MK II Reviews & Awards hi fi Choice - Oct 2011 Group Test Winner - 5 Stars Smaller, lighter and cheaper than a vacuum cleaning machine and hardly any more bother, the supplied fluid does a great job with all vinyl and shellac discs. It's simple and quick to use, and results are excellent, among the best we've encountered from any LP cleaner. Stereophile - Accessory of the Year 2010 Runner Up There's nothing set-and-forget about the Spin-Clean, but it's cheap and it works. Goldmine Magazine You can expect to clean 20 to 50 records during a session, depending on how much muck is on your records.

Drying records by hand is more work, but as I discovered, the time it takes to clean both sides of a record with a vacuum system isn't much faster than doing it manually with the MKII. After the first couple records, I got into a groove, and it took me about 2 minutes to clean and dry an LP with the Spin-Clean Washer. The cleaning part is easy - spin the record three times clockwise and then three times counterclockwise before removing it to dry. Because the Spin-Clean is a bath-type system, where both sides of a record are washed simultaneously, I wondered if the solution would run off the record and onto the label while hand drying. Obviously, that would be bad. The good news is that the wash solution clings to the vinyl until you begin wiping it away with one of the lint-free drying cloths. When I started wiping the worst record dry, I wasn't sure if it was working but then the grooves started to appear in sharper contrast and soon I was looking at a glossy, mirror-like LP surface. It's no surprise that clean records sound better, but the Spin-Clean doesn't just remove dust and dirt, it also removes the static. And one often-overlooked benefit of a good record cleaner is that surface noise is significantly reduced. You'll hear more music and fewer artifacts. The Spin-Clean MKII is one of those products that make you go, "Why didn't I think of that?" It cleans records quickly and thoroughly, cleans up quickly, and takes up little more space than a shoebox. Clean records are better-sounding records. Give yours a wash through the Spin-Clean's "spin cycle" and you'll be hooked. It's easy, effective and fun. It's also an incredible value and highly recommended. I love it. The Absolute Sound While it would be cool to have a full, honking automated-record cleaning machine, I don't have the extra space to dedicate to it and I wouldn't use it often enough to justify the expense. What I need is something light, efficient, and easy-to-store–not another noisy appliance. Meet my new best friend, Spin-Clean. Does it work? Does it ever. ...over thirty years the difference was marked by an overall reduction in background noise, a removal of most tiny snaps and crackles from the lead-in groove right through to the end. Witchdoctor by Ashley Kramer - 5 Stars The result is seriously impressive. Records come out looking pristine ... More important than mere looks, all the records I cleaned with the Spin Clean sounded great, with barely a pop or crackle to be heard and little surface noise. There's less dirt left in the grooves compared to the (German) Disco Antistat because the stylus picks up less muck as the record spins. The Spin Clean is an indispensable product for vinyl enthusiasts and at $160, it's amazing value. It will make your records sound better and free you to buy the horrible looking dirty rejects that no one else wants, and that's often where the real treasures can be found. The Disco Antistat is near twice the price and isn't quite as effective in cleaning while the step up to powered record cleaning machines is expensive and far more complex. The review unit isn't going back; I think that says it all. Enjoy the Music: Great Audiophile Gifts Top 10 of 2010 Finally, some good dirty fun with a clean result; and a manual vinyl record cleaner that invigorates those grubby treasures. Like the system itself, the replacement supplies are very reasonably priced. I am averaging thirteen albums per batch of cleaning fluid. Even though the dirt falls to the bottom of the unit, I get to a point where it bugs me, so I change the fluid and clean out the bottom of the unit with a paper towel. Even at that rate, the fluid is still extremely economical compared to all of the other "audiophile approved" cleaning concoctions. The Spin Clean Record Washer System is an insane value. It gets my heartiest recommendation. About Spin Clean Spin Clean creates the world's leading, and most dependable record cleaning systems since 1975. Every Spin Clean Record Washing System is manufactured and hand assembled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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