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Advance Paris - X-FTB01 - Proprietary Bluetooth Receiver

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Experience the seamless fusion of convenience and fidelity with Advance Paris' X-FTB01, the proprietary Bluetooth receiver designed for the modern audiophile. Meticulously engineered to bridge the gap between your wireless devices and your high-end Hi-Fi system, this compact marvel is your key to unlocking a world of dematerialized music with astounding clarity. The X-FTB01 boasts compatibility with an array of Advance Paris products in the Classic, MyConnect, PlayStream, and Smart ranges, ensuring effortless integration into your existing setup. With its leading-edge Bluetooth aptX technology, you can indulge in high musical performances without the constraints of cables. Its sleek dimensions (width: 55 mm, depth: 28 mm, height: 13 mm) and featherlight presence (net weight: 10 g) offer both subtlety and portability. Allow The Audio Tailor, Australia's premier Hi-Fi store, to enhance your auditory experience with the sophistication of Advance Paris, all at the touch of a button. Immerse yourself in the audio revolution and elevate your listening space with the exquisite X-FTB01—where elegance meets innovation.

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ℹ Product Information

Advance Paris - X-FTB01 Bluetooth Receiver

In the symphony of modern audio technology where every note is streamed with immaculate precision, the Advance Paris - X-FTB01 Bluetooth Receiver takes center stage—a maestro of wireless fidelity that translates the art of dematerialized music into a sensory experience without equal. Clad in a sleek, minimalist design, this proprietary marvel is more than a mere gadget; it is an invitation to indulge in aural liberation. Armed with the advanced Bluetooth aptX codec, it gifts your Hi-Fi system with the ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between your digital life and analog soul, ensuring that every beat, every harmony, and every drop of musical serenity is delivered in its purest form to your speakers. With its unobtrusive, petite architecture—trusted across Advance Paris's Classic, MyConnect, PlayStream, and Smart ranges—the X-FTB01 makes a grand statement in both performance and ease. Measuring a mere 55 mm in width, 28 mm in depth, and standing just 13 mm tall, this feather-light device tips the scales at a nearly imperceptible 10 grams. Yet its impact on your listening experience will be measured not in grams but in the unfathomable depth of your favorite melodies, rediscovered. Welcome to the future of high-fidelity audio: The Advance Paris - X-FTB01 Bluetooth Receiver is your key to unlocking a world where the music never stops, and exceptional quality resides in every corner of your home.

Features / Benefits of the Advance Paris - X-FTB01 Proprietary Bluetooth Receiver


  1. Advanced Bluetooth aptX Codec Support:
  • Benefit: Offers enhanced audio quality over standard Bluetooth connections for a richer, fuller listening experience. Listeners can enjoy CD-like audio quality wirelessly without any noticeable loss in detail or clarity.
  1. Universal Compatibility with Advance Paris Range:
  • Benefit: Easily connects to any product equipped with a BT port within the Advance Paris Classic, MyConnect, PlayStream, and Smart ranges, making it a versatile component that integrates smoothly with your existing audio setup.
  1. Ultra-Compact Design:
  • Benefit: With dimensions of 55 mm x 28 mm x 13 mm and a weight of just 10 grams, the receiver's petite form factor ensures that it can discretely integrate into any audio system without disrupting aesthetics or taking up valuable space.
  1. Plug-and-Play Convenience:
  • Benefit: Designed for simplicity and ease of use, users can effortlessly connect the receiver to their audio system and start streaming music in minutes, offering an immediate upgrade to their listening experience.
  1. Seamless Wireless Streaming:
  • Benefit: Eliminates the need for cumbersome cabling, giving listeners the freedom to stream music directly from their Bluetooth-enabled devices to their Hi-Fi system, thus maintaining a clean and organized listening environment.
  1. Lightweight and Portable:
  • Benefit: Its feather-light construction not only makes it almost imperceptible in your audio setup but also easily portable, allowing music lovers to take high-quality audio with them wherever they go.
  1. High Fidelity Audio Performance:
  • Benefit: Designed with the audiophile in mind, the receiver ensures that the integrity of the music is maintained during wireless transmission, providing a listening experience that rivals traditional wired connections.


  1. Elevate Your Music Experience:
  • Transform and enhance your audio system with high-performance wireless audio that captures all the subtleties and nuances of your music, connecting you more deeply to the soundtracks of your life.
  1. Unclutter Your Space:
  • By eliminating the need for physical connections, your living space stays sleek and unencumbered, putting the focus on sound quality and design harmony.
  1. Effortless Setup:
  • Embrace a user-friendly solution that minimizes downtime with a quick and easy setup process, allowing more time for musical enjoyment.
  1. Boundless Audio Streaming:
  • Enjoy the freedom to move and control your music remotely, streaming from any corner of your home without the constraints of cables or stationary inputs.
  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Addition:
  • The Advance Paris - X-FTB01 enriches your audio system not only sonically but visually, with its elegant and understated design that speaks to modern sensibilities.
  1. Perfect for Audiophiles and Casual Listeners Alike:
  • Whether you're a serious music enthusiast demanding the highest fidelity or simply seeking a convenient way to enjoy your music, this Bluetooth receiver meets both needs with its impeccable performance and ease of use.


Specifications Advance Paris - X-FTB01 - Proprietary Bluetooth Receiver
Compatibility Classic, MyConnect, PlayStream, Smart range with BT port
Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth aptX
Functionality Wireless music transmission from portable devices to HIFI
Width 55 mm
Depth 28 mm
Height 13 mm
Gross Weight 20 g
Net Weight 10 g
Performance High musical performance
User Experience Enhanced comfort of use

As the curtain falls on your search for unparalleled wireless audio, look no further than the Advance Paris - X-FTB01 Bluetooth Receiver, your passport to audiophile bliss. At The Audio Tailor, Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, we are not just vendors but enthusiasts and connoisseurs of sound perfection ourselves. We understand that true audio artistry rests in the details, the subtle interplay between silence and sound, which is why we're proud to offer this state-of-the-art device that encapsulates pure, undiluted musical expression in its most convenient form. The Advance Paris - X-FTB01 is not just another component; it's a testament to innovation, a bridge to your loftiest auditory aspirations. When you invite this technological virtuoso into your living space, you're not just upgrading your system, you're revolutionizing the way you interact with music. Embrace the evolution of audio excellence with the Advance Paris - X-FTB01—because in the realm of high-fidelity, there should be no compromises. Visit our Brisbane Store or contact us at 1300 308 711 to explore the harmony that awaits, or connect with us online - where audacious quality and your audio journey align. The encore is just a click away.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Advance Paris - X-FTB01 - Proprietary Bluetooth Receiver
Compatibility Classic, MyConnect, PlayStream, Smart range with BT port
Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth aptX
Functionality Wireless music transmission from portable devices to HIFI
Width 55 mm
Depth 28 mm
Height 13 mm
Gross Weight 20 g
Net Weight 10 g
Performance High musical performance
User Experience Enhanced comfort of use

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