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Denon - DL-103R - Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

by Denon
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Elevate your musical experience with Denon's DL-103R Moving Coil Phono Cartridge. A modern refinement of the classic DL 103, the 103R showcases added precision through the use of 6N copper coils, heightening detail extraction and providing amplified bass depth and clarity across all frequencies. Unlike many other cartridges that excel in precise detail but fail to consolidate the composition, the DL-103R carefully merges individual parts into a seamless and rich musical journey, while still retaining distinct delineation of instruments and voices. If you crave for a cartridge that lets music emerge as a harmonious masterpiece rather than disjointed fragments, the DL-103R's sublime fusion of range, depth, and fidelity is an unbeatable choice. Sit back and let the sophisticated tech behind this device transform your soundscape forever.

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ℹ Product Information

Dive into an unparalleled auditory experience with Denon's DL-103R Moving Coil Phono Cartridge, a superbly modern reflection of our relentless dedication to absolute perfection that's founded on a timeless design. With its heritage borne proudly from the illustrious DL 103, the DL-103R is a harmonious fusion of classic aesthetics and groundbreaking technology, meticulously capacitated with 6N copper coils precision wound around the cantilever shaft for sonic improvements.

Phenomenal enhancements over the DL 103 are palpable: a deeper bass, a satisfying revelation of intricate detail, and increased clarity stemming from an unblemished frequency range. The sound delivery is vivid, authentic, and combined as a grandiose symphony rather than scattered keys on a piano. While other cartridges offer off-putting disjointed goodness, the DL 103R is lauded for morphing those incredible fragments into a comprehensive and cohesive musical masterpiece, never compromising on the detail of each instrument or voice.

Savor the marriage of harmony and definition in an exceptionally alluring package, setting the DL-103R head and shoulders above the rest. This masterpiece not only competently handles frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 45 kHz but also provides an enviable output voltage of 0.25mV and a handy weight of just 8.5g. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in aural excellence and let the DL-103R be your conductor to an unforgettable symphony.

The seamless blend of our rich heritage and dedicated craftsmanship makes the Denon DL-103R Moving Coil Phono Cartridge an undeniable treasure for all audiophiles.


  1. 6N Copper Coil Technology: At the heart of the DL-103R lies the 6N copper coils, precision wound around the cantilever shaft. This advanced coil technology sets the DL-103R apart from its predecessor, improving the overall sound detail and depth of bass.

  2. Enhanced Frequency Range: The Denon DL-103R has the ability to handle frequencies from 20Hz to 45kHz, presenting you with a wide spectrum of sound for a superior, immersive auditory experience.

  3. High Output Voltage: Delivering an excellent output voltage of 0.25mV, the DL-103R ensures that your music is always played clearly and pronounced.

  4. Feather-Light Design: Weighing just 8.5g, the DL-103R proves that true sonic excellence need not be heavy. This lightweight design provides convenience when setting up or changing cartridges and does not compromise performance.

  5. State-of-the-art Output Impedance: Housing a 14 ohm output impedance, the DL-103R ensures an optimum electronic interface with your phono stage for a desirable balanced tone.


  1. Upgraded Sound Quality: With its precision 6N copper coils and expanded frequency range, the DL-103R provides a truly advanced audio experience with enhanced clarity and detail.

  2. Seamless Integration of Music: Merge into the melody with the DL-103R, known and prized for its ability to unify the music into a captivating composition rather than presenting it as disjointed segments.

  3. Superior Auditory Experience: The high output voltage and broad frequency range offers a cleaner, deeper and more detailed audio output, giving you an unparalleled listening experience.

  4. Effortless Set-up: With its lightweight design, the DL-103R simplifies the cartridge setup and change process, making it ideal for both beginners and veteran vinyl lovers.

  5. Well-Balanced Tone: With its advanced output impedance, the DL-103R guarantees a well-balanced sound by providing an ideal interface with your phono stage.

Specification Details
Product Model Denon - DL-103R - Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Type Moving Coil
Output Voltage 0.25 mV
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 45 kHz
Output Impedance 14 ohms
Weight 8.5 g
Build Material 6N copper
Sound Quality Enhanced detail extraction, bass depth, and frequency clarity
Unique Feature Creates a full musical presentation from parts merging into a whole
Improvement Improved version of the classic Denon DL 103

So make your final move as you elevate your vinyl experience to soaring new summits with Denon's DL-103R Moving Coil Phono Cartridge. This exceptional performer, equally admired by connoisseurs and audiophiles, is a true testament to Denon's illustrious legacy of delivering undeniable musical prowess. The DL-103R unfailingly stands as an elegant symbol of the sophisticated union of technology and traditional craft, taking your listening pleasure to unprecedented levels. Tune your ears to the meticulous craftsmanship of Denon; hear the harmonious chiming of every note, feel the intense depth of the bass, explore the soulful textures of the human voice, and relish every detail with mesmerizing clarity.

Embark on this enthralling musical journey and plunge into this lavish, aural landscape with the DL-103R. The smooth, seamless, and captivating performance of this masterpiece will, without doubt, leave you enraptured. In the realm of sound, there are cartridges, and then there's the Denon DL-103R Moving Coil Phono Cartridge – a class unto itself.

So, seize the symphony with The Audio Tailor, Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store. Reach us at 1300 308 711 or to initiate your melodic expedition today.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Details
Product Model Denon - DL-103R - Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Type Moving Coil
Output Voltage 0.25 mV
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 45 kHz
Output Impedance 14 ohms
Weight 8.5 g
Build Material 6N copper
Sound Quality Enhanced detail extraction, bass depth, and frequency clarity
Unique Feature Creates a full musical presentation from parts merging into a whole
Improvement Improved version of the classic Denon DL 103

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