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ETI Research - Kryo - XLR Connector

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Unleash your audio's full potential with the ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector. A groundbreaking first for ETI-Research, this connector defies tradition, pushing the boundaries of sound quality. Its machine-crafted female connection is made to the ideal thickness for optimal sound output. Where others have settled for Brass or inconsistent copper connectors, ETI-Research opts for uniformity and top-notch quality, using durable Tellurium Copper for a reliable connection every time. This connector isn't just made, it's engineered - with CNC machined male and female connectors boasting a wall thickness of 0.6mm. It's not just about what's on the outside, though. Inside, the Connector is cryogenically treated with an audio-specific formula for better sound performance. Plus, its short housing aids in superior cable management. Experience audio the way it was meant to be with the ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector – because your sound deserves nothing less than the best.

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ℹ Product Information

ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector

Immerse your senses with the groundbreaking ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector, meticulously crafted and optimized for unparalleled sound quality. Never before has ETI-Research released this style of connector, showcasing our dedication to relentless innovation. Exploiting the precision of modern CNC machining, we've surmounted the engineering challenges that stifled lesser designers, constructing an exquisitely intricate female connection. Where competitors settle for inferior copper-alloyed male pins, we've focused on balancing mass and capacitance to eliminate sound distortion. And while other connectors use brass-formed female connectors, we've stayed uncompromising, unimpressed by the cost-saving expedients of others. We've painstakingly machine-rolled copper to create uniform female connections, rendering them more stable and improving sound delivery. Our obsession with perfection led us to a surprising revelation - the sweet spot for low voltage connector thickness is a precise 0.6mm. No more, no less. With the ETI-Research Kryo XLR, we've refined each aspect of the connector design to ensure this perfect thickness, using durable Tellurium Copper that's able to withstand the demands of long-term usage. Relentless in our pursuit of elegance and sound clarity, we've applied a bespoke cryogenically treated audio formula across our range, including the Kryo XLR. The male and female copper machined connectors are silver-plated without nickel interference, encapsulated in a brass housing for optimal vibration damping and EMI/RF noise reduction. We provide you with the ideal environment for pure, unadulterated sound. As part of our commitment to excellence, each package includes one male and one female connector, ensuring the optimal pairing for your sound system. It’s not just an XLR connector – it’s an aural revolution, crafted by ETI-Research.

Features of ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector:

  1. First-of-its-kind CNC machining: We're breaking new ground by introducing the ETI-Research connector using modern CNC machining. The result is excellent precision and high-quality female connections.

  2. Optimized Thickness: With ETI-Research's commitment to sound purity, thorough research led us to the perfect wall thickness of 0.6mm for your low voltage connectors. We stuck to this thickness to deliver your music, untouched and unadulterated.

  3. Refined Copper Construction: Both male and female connectors are crafted from Tellurium Copper, known for its durability and long-term usage. Conquering previous hurdles, we've successfully used rolled copper to create uniform and stable female connections and delicately balanced mass and capacitance in our male pins to avoid sound distortion.

  4. Superior Plating and Housing: Both connectors are silver-plated without nickel interference and are encased in a brass housing. This gives you unrivaled vibration damping and impressive EMI/RF noise reduction, enabling pure, clean sound.

  5. Cryogenic Treatment: A signature of our Kryo range, this specific audio treatment has been applied to the XLR Connector, carrying forth our tradition of enhancing sound quality and component longevity.

  6. Convenient Cable Management: The ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector accommodates cables up to 13mm, and with an insert in, 9mm. It also features a short housing, offering a practical solution for better cable management.

  7. Pairing per Package: Every package contains one male and one female connector, ensuring the ideal coupling for your sound system.

Benefits of ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector:

  1. Unmatched Precision and Quality: The advanced CNC machining employed by ETI-Research ensures each part is made to perfection for optimal sound delivery.

  2. Ideal Sound Quality: The 0.6mm thickness and balanced mass and capacitance result in the least possible impact on your music's sound, ensuring clear, high-quality audio transmission.

  3. Long-lasting Durability: The use of Tellurium Copper in connectors guarantees the longevity of the product, assuring it can withstand long-term usage without quality degradation.

  4. Pure, Unadulterated Sound: The combination of silver-plating, vibration damping, EMI/RF noise reduction and our specific cryogenic treatment eliminates distortions, delivering pure, unaltered sound for your pleasure.

  5. Improved Cable Management: The short housing concept for the Kryo XLR Connector provides optimal spacing, making cable management easier and more efficient.

  6. Perfect Pair: With a male and female connector in one package, we ensure the perfect match to elevate your audio experience.

Product Specification

Specification Description
Manufacturer ETI-Research
Product Type Connector
Model Kryo XLR Connector
Material Tellurium Copper
Male Connector Wall thickness: 0.6mm
Female Connector Wall thickness: 0.6mm
Refinements Copper machined connectors (both Male and Female) silver-plated without nickel
Dielectric Teflon
Housing Brass housing for superior vibration damping and EMI/RF noise rejection
Cryogenically Treated Yes
Cable Accommodation Accommodates cables up to 13mm (with insert in 9mm)
Package Includes one male and one female connector (1 Pair)
Note First-time manufacture of this type of connector by ETI-Research
Sound Believed to offer superior sound quality due to its design and material use

Experience the game-changing difference with the ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector – a testament of supreme engineering and bold audacious acoustics that you'd expect from Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store. Let the perfectionists at ETI-Research guide you on a voyage to unveil unchartered territories of audio immersion, providing you with an investment that pays by relieving your ears of sound distortion and instead, offers them an authentic melodic journey. It’s time to elevate beyond the boundaries of regular audio and embrace the cutting edge of sound technology, all made possible with the Kryo XLR Connector. Explore this profound evolution in audio science, where each beat resonates with the miracles of expert craftsmanship and ceaseless innovation. Available now at The Audio Tailor - venture into the symphony of your dreams, amplified by the precision of ETI-Research Kryo XLR Connector. For personalised service and advice, feel free to reach us at 1300 308 711 or, or visit our store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. Unearth the grand theatre of sound with Kryo XLR - it's more than an XLR connector, it's a musical masterpiece.

ℹ Specifications
Product Specification Description
Manufacturer ETI-Research
Product Type Connector
Model Kryo XLR Connector
Material Tellurium Copper
Male Connector Machined with a wall thickness of 0.6mm
Female Connector Machined with a wall thickness of 0.6mm
Refinements Copper machined connectors both Male and Female Silver Plated without any Nickel
Dielectric Teflon
Housing Brass housing for superior vibration damping and EMI/RF noise rejection
Cryogenically Treated To a specific Audio formula
Housing Short Housing to aid better Cable management
Cable Accommodation Accommodates Cables up to 13mm and with insert in 9mm
Package Comes in 2 piece pack only - one female, one male (1 Pair)
Note First-time manufacture of this type of connector by ETI-Research
Sound Believed to offer superior sound quality due to its design and material use

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