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Inakustik - Phono NF-2405 AIR SME900 - Reference Turntable Interconnect Cable

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ℹ Product Information

Point-to-Point Air Helix" for pure sound

Air as the ultimate dielectric minimizes capacitance

Cross Link Super Speed ​​waveguide for a balanced sound

The RCA-SL plugs are pressed precisely with 1.5 tons.

XLR connectors can be adjusted +/- 45 degrees

The good old record sounds more vital than ever. Even experts would not have thought this demand was possible. The numbers of records sold are rising just as surprisingly as those of turntables. A boom. But how to improve the sound? For example, a new, better cable between the tonearm and phono amplifier.

With the Phono-2405 AIR Inakustikwe have created a cable for top sound. What sets it apart: an absolutely unique air insulation, called Air-Helix. They have developed a special clip for this. It separates the two cable strands, keeps them at a distance, and essentially envelops them in thin air. With a large number of these clips it is possible to route the mass and the signal path extremely stably over longer distances.

Why the effort? In this way it is possible to pass on the sensitive signals without slowing down isolation - a high-resolution, fast sound image is created. The super-speed waveguides are threaded and the clips installed by hand in the in-house factory with great care. The resulting Air Helix is ​​then given its shielding and PE network jacket, also by hand. Finally, the rhodium-coated connectors are installed and the function of the cable is checked.

Because it's about the most important, smallest signals: Nowhere in the audio world do smaller currents flow that have to be passed on perfectly. The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive at a few thousandths of a volt. The systems also have an inductive character. In conjunction with the cable capacity, they form a so-called oscillating circuit, which prefers certain frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to cable capacitances that are too high, this has a strong influence on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitances and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the reference Phono-2405 AIR. They form the basis for the genuine enjoyment of your vinyl treasures. The sound of good records cannot be resolved more finely.

The air helix structure guides the conductors freely floating through the cable

The air helix structure allows for almost 100 percent air content between the signal conductors. Specially developed clips form the supporting framework. Lined up inside the cable, a large number of clips lead the signal conductors freely in the air in a helical shape through the cable. The flexibility of this construction is achieved via two bars that hold the clips together and precisely at a distance. This architecture is unique. The result is low line capacitance and low dielectric losses - an audiophile milestone for open and genuine sound experiences.

Inakustik's physical approach: Minimize losses for faithful reproduction

The reference AIR cables transport the audio signals unadulterated and with little loss between source, amplifier and loudspeaker. You experience music as the artists expressed it emotionally at the moment of recording. Sensual, fine, funny, orchestral to thrilling, rocky. Vocals and instruments are conveyed authentically. Everything seems alive. Emotions jump out suddenly. The pieces of music touch and awaken feelings, even after listening to them for the hundredth time.


  • The AIR Helix: The air helix structure guides the signal conductors in a free-floating manner through the cable and allows for almost 100 percent air content between the signal conductors.
  • Dialectric: Air as a dielectric reduces the capacity to a minimum. Compared to other insulators, air does not have any capacity-increasing properties and does not produce any dielectric losses.
  • Multicore structure: The clever arrangement of the conductors in the multiple nested multicore structures creates overlapping areas of the magnetic fields that significantly reduce the inductance.
  • The ladder: The Cross Link Super Speed ​​waveguide avoids so-called skin effects. It delivers a balanced sound even with complex music passages and high levels
  • RCA SL connector: The RCA-SL connector of our reference AIR cable NF-2405 in the 5th generation is now pressed from signal conductor to contact elements with a precise fit of 1.5 tons.
  • XLR 180°: The reference XLR 180° plugs developed by us can be rotated by +/- 45 degrees and can therefore be optimally adapted to individual socket orientations. Cables and sockets are subjected to less strain.


Point-to-Point Air-Helix for seamless transition into the connectors

New in the 5th generation is the point-to-point connection of the Air Helix construction from Inakustik. Specially designed transitions for every type of cable and connector ensure a direct, immediate connection. From cable start to cable end, AIR helix construction from point to point. What sounds banal at first has an impact. The sound signals are transported with little loss, even the last few centimeters. The sound is even more detailed and dynamic.

The ladder structure

The Cross Link Super Speed ​​waveguide avoids skin effects caused by eddy currents in the conductor. Thanks to the braided structure, the waveguide transmits even extreme current peaks precisely. A layer of varnish around each wire prevents eddy currents within the conductor and protects against oxidation. The result is a conductor that transmits a balanced sound image with lively timbres that are not overemphasised in any area, even with complex music passages and high levels.

The conductor material

The conductor material plays an essential role in the transmission of sound signals. Any contamination worsens the conductance and increases the background noise. Inakustik only use pure, oxygen-free copper in their AIR cables. They attach particular importance to only using high-purity copper batches. The quality of the copper is determined in complex processes before it is drawn to the required diameter in the wire drawing machine over several stages.

The Shielding

EMC interference from cellular and WLAN networks, for example, is constantly increasing. This interference affects the delicate audio signal. Interference occurs when signals of different frequencies overlap. This can result in unwanted distortions that have nothing to do with the original signal. Tight shielding is therefore essential to protect the extremely sensitive music signals from these interferences so that even the finest details are preserved.

RCA SL Connector

Soldering is a solid, established and proven connection technique. Nevertheless, it has its weaknesses. This includes, among other things, the less conductive solder in the signal path and the development of thermal voltages, albeit small. The RCA-SL connector of our reference AIR cable NF-2405 in the 5th generation is now pressed from signal conductor to contact elements with a precise fit of 1.5 tons, like all other reference AIR cables. Another tiny piece of the puzzle for maximum audio performance.

XLR 180° connector

Conventional XLR connectors are designed for a fixed positioning, which often forces the cable to twist. This load leads to increased mechanical tension. In contrast, the XLR 180° connector Inakustik developed offers a unique and adjustable orientation that allows the connector to rotate within a range of +/- 90 degrees. This flexibility not only reduces the mechanical stress on the cable, but also enables optimal alignment of the cable in relation to the device sockets, which are often arranged differently from device to device.

Rhodium plated

The best cable requires optimal connection technology. We use tellurium copper, a harder metal alloy that maintains the high conductivity. Compared to brass connectors, the conductivity values ​​are significantly better. The rhodium coating ensures long-lasting contact and corrosion resistance. Even with frequent modifications, the stable conductivity is maintained. This is better than gold contacts, which wear out more quickly.

Pressed contacts (1.5 tons)

The contact elements of the plugs are pressed directly into the conductor material using a special tool with a force of 1.5 tons. This creates a stable and reliable connection without the use of solder or ferrules. Contact resistance and negative effects are avoided to ensure optimal signal transmission.

PE Network Jacket

The majority of cables have a PVC jacket covered with a textile or plastic braid. This jacket is intended to protect the structure from mechanical damage. Inakustik consciously avoid the PVC jacket in order to avoid capacitance deposits and consequently dielectric losses. The sheath of the AIR cables is made of polyethylene monofilaments. The wires are held together compactly, micro-vibrations are reduced and extreme dynamic peaks are processed unadulterated.

The cable manufacturer

The heart of Inakustik is their factory. From here they write a success story – with a lot of joy at work, passion for music and attention to detail. For them, enjoying music means creating a sound experience that comes as close as possible to the original recording and the artists' interpretation. That's why you'll find committed people, driven by curiosity and a sense of precision, fascinated by music and extraordinary things, like the development of Inakustik's elaborate AIR cables.


Each cable is handcrafted with the utmost care. Inakustik's extensive know-how and the qualifications of their team enable them to manufacture the complex cables tailor-made. In addition to using the finest materials, their most important asset is the hands of their cable workers. They assemble exceptional cables with the greatest care, calm and dedication.

Precise quality control

Manufacturing is carried out to the highest standards. Precise quality control is carried out before, during and after assembly. Inakustik control the tolerances of each item. At every production step they check the configuration and electrical system for short circuits. They carry out functional and mechanical tests. No product leaves their factory without a final quality control.

Sensitive phono signals

The level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive at a few thousandths of a volt. The systems also have an inductive character. In conjunction with the cable capacitance, they form an oscillatory circuit that prefers certain frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to capacitance being too high, this has a strong influence on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitances and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the reference Phono-2405 AIR.



  • Shielding: Dense copper braid, tin-plated (oxidation protection)
  • Application: High end phono cable
  • Construction:double symmetrical | Additional ground line
  • Dielectric: Air
  • Cable diameter: 25mm
  • Conformity: CE, REACH, RoHS
  • Contact material: Tellurium copper (cable lug)
  • Contact finishing: Rhodium coated
  • Ladder structure: Cross Link Super Speed ​​Waveguide
  • Conductor material: high-purity OFC copper
  • A coat: PE Network Jacket
  • Length: 1m
  • Connector assembly: Hermetic ground connection , pressed contacts (1.5 tons)
  • Technology: AIR Helix point to point
  • Plug: SME 90° > 2 x RCA, SME 90° > 2 x XLR
  • Connector highlight: RCA SL (Solderless), XLR 180 | Rotatable +/- 45°
  • Made in Germany
ℹ Specifications

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