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Kimber Kable - Speciality Series REL-AG - Subwoofer Cable

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Experience sound as never before with Kimber Kable - Specialty Series REL-AG - Subwoofer Cable. This game-changer lowers your system's noise floor to offer amplified dynamic range, thus transforming your audio experience. Inspired by the non-shielded braided analog interconnects technology by Kimber Kable, the REL-AG integrates flawlessly with other Kimber products to revitalize your listening experience. Connect the sub-bass systems and feel every beat, every tremor, every thump of your favorite tracks. Don't just play music, wear it like your second skin with Kimber Kable.

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ℹ Product Information

Kimber Kable Specialty Series REL-AG Subwoofer Cable

Unleash the unsurpassed audio experience with Kimber Kable's Specialty Series - the REL-AG Subwoofer Cable. Designed to amplify and dramatically enhance your sonic environment, this exceptional product is turning sound into an immersive, three-dimensional experience. Orchestrated with the sophisticated intent to lower the noise floor and exponentially enhance your dynamic range, the REL-AG Subwoofer Cable ensures crystal-clear, rhythmically tight bass that adds depth, power, and realism to any musical performance or cinematic event. This cable is inspired by the same groundbreaking design principles found in Kimber’s non-shielded braided analog interconnects cables, promising an unparalleled synergy with other phenomenal Kimber Kable products. Embrace this majestic fusion of craftsmanship and innovation that is destined to transform your audio output into a precise, high-definition experience. Kimber Kable’s Specialty Series REL-AG Subwoofer Cable is more than just an upgrade – it’s a revelation in audio capabilities. Take a plunge into the captivating world of sonic precision and quality that this phenomenal cable provides.


  1. Proprietary REL Design: The REL-AG Subwoofer Cable employs Kimber’s proprietary REL design, which is renowned worldwide for its impeccable sound clarity. This showroom grade design ensures a flawless output, fostering a natural sonic environment.

  2. Lower Noise Floor: This feature significantly reduces noise interference, rendering a cleaner and more immersive sound. With this seamless sheathing that diminishes background noise, you will experience every subtle sound detail in your audio track.

  3. Non-Shielded, Braided Analog Interconnects: Kimber's characteristic non-shielded braided analog interconnects design is also employed in the REL-AG cable. This design guarantees a connection with minimal loss or alteration to the signal, preserving the rich artistry of the original sound.

  4. Increased Dynamic Range: By enhancing your dynamic range, the cable ensures the stellar reproduction of high and low frequencies. This catapults the listener into amplified depth of sound, making your cinematic or musical experience feel incredibly lifelike.

  5. Superior Compatibility: The Kimber Kable REL-AG Subwoofer Cable is built for seamless integration with other Kimber Kable products. This feature highlights the versatility of this premium product and ensures an enhanced synergy within your audio setup.


  1. Sonic Precision and Clarity: With a commitment to stellar sound reproduction, Kimber Kable delivers clear, sharp sound, accentuating musical highs and lows for the most authentic listening experience.

  2. Unparalleled Sound Experience: The advanced technology of the REL-AG Subwoofer Cable guides you through an immersive journey of extended dynamic range and a significantly reduced noise floor.

  3. Artistic Fidelity: The non-shielded braided analog interconnects ensure reduced signal loss, offering faithful sound reproduction that does justice to the original soundtrack or score.

  4. Personalized Sound Ecosystem: The cable's remarkable compatibility opens up opportunities for a personalized sound ecosystem. It harmonizes perfectly with your existing Kimber Kable setup, maximizing overall performance and audio enjoyment.

  5. Reliable Performance: Kimber Kable's reputation for delivering high-quality products drives the reliable performance of the REL-AG Subwoofer cable. With this superior cable in your audio setup, you can anticipate consistently top-grade sound output.

Product Specifications

Brand Kimber Kable
Series Specialty Series
Model REL-AG - Subwoofer Cable
Noise Floor Lower
Dynamic Range Increased
Integration Seamless integration with other Kimber Kable products
Design Non-shielded braided analog interconnects cables
Usage Ideal for connecting sub bass systems
Special Feature Kimber's proprietary REL cables, significantly reduces system noise

In the grand finale of your auditory journey, the Kimber Kable Specialty Series REL-AG Subwoofer Cable serves as the crowning glory, providing the visible but all-important connection between your audio equipment and the enchanting melodies or powerful cinematic scores you love. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and employing the advanced technology incumbent to Kimber Kable, this product never fails to deliver flawless, full-bodied, and richly balanced audio experiences. The REL-AG Subwoofer Cable ushers in an era of performance prowess, enabling the discerning audiophile to dive deep into the soul of their audio, transforming ordinary listening sessions into extraordinary auditory revivals. Enquire today at The Audio Tailor - Australia's #1 Hi-Fi store for comprehensive audio solutions! Remember, an audio system is only as good as its weakest link – don’t let your subwoofer cable be that link. Instead, let the Kimber Kable Specialty Series REL-AG Subwoofer Cable propel your auditory senses to unprecedented heights. Get in touch now and stride boldly forward into this new frontier of sound.

ℹ Specifications
Product Specifications Description
Brand Kimber Kable
Series Speciality Series
Model REL-AG - Subwoofer Cable
Noise Floor Lower
Dynamic Range Increased
Integration Seamless integration with other Kimber Kable products
Design Non-shielded braided analog interconnects cables
Usage Ideal for connecting sub bass systems
Special Feature Kimber's proprietary REL cables, significantly reduces system noise

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