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Les Davis - Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators

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Our Thoughts

Elevate your sound experience to new heights with the Les Davis Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators. Utilising innovative 3D² technology, this cutting-edge device harnesses the power of Constrained Layer Damping to regulate vibration outputs and maximise the potential of your electronic components, transforming wasted vibrational energy into low-level heat. Crafted with a multilayered viscoelastic design sandwiched by a maple core and sturdy aluminium top plate, the isolator delivers unmatched performance and stability under heavyweight devices. Embedded in every part of your home audio system, from power socket to speaker, it purges unwanted noise-inducing vibrations, reducing the noise floor and delivering a fuller, more impactful audio experience. With Les Davis, you're not just acquiring an accessory, you're investing in a necessity for supreme sound quality! Try it today to truly hear what sets Les Davis Audio apart.

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ℹ Product Information

Les Davis Audio - Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators

The Les Davis Audio Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators are a revolutionary product range that takes your audio experience to new heights. Designed with avant-garde technology, these isolators feature the innovative 3D² material, delivering exceptional performance and stability. The sandwiched design, with an aluminium top plate and resilient maple core, ensures unparalleled stability even under heavy weights. These isolators are specifically designed for placement under speakers and speaker stands, enhancing resolution for electronic components.

The Les Davis Audio isolators employ Constrained Layer Damping, which significantly reduces vibrations emitted by electronic components. Say goodbye to hindered audio potential and unlock the true power of your devices. With Les Davis Audio, you can amplify your audio and visual system to its highest capacity.


  1. Revolutionary 3D² Material: Les Davis Audio's innovation lies in the revolutionary 3D² material, enhancing the physical properties of the isolators and improving tone quality and speaker performance.

  2. Advanced Constrained Layer Damping Technology: These isolators utilize a scientifically perfected technique that involves a viscoelastic material sandwiched between two sturdy layers. This effectively dampens vibrations and improves audio quality.

  3. Hard-wearing Design: The aluminium top plate and maple core, combined with the layered design, ensure durability without compromising audio integrity.

  4. Easy Placement: Designed specifically for placement under speakers or speaker stands, these isolators seamlessly integrate into your audio setup.

  5. Comprehensive Set: Available in a 4-piece box, the Les Davis Audio isolators provide all you need to enhance your audio environment.


  1. Unhindered Sonic Purity: By eliminating mechanical vibrations, these isolators deliver pure and undistorted sound quality.

  2. Maximize Electronic Potential: Get the most out of your speakers and CD players by minimizing energy wastage and eliminating factors that hamper optimal performance.

  3. Enhanced Resolution: Experience heightened precision and clarity in your audio setup, enhancing your overall audio experience.

  4. Indestructible: These isolators are designed to withstand substantial weights, ensuring a continual high-quality sound environment.

  5. Rejuvenate Your Audio System: Breathe new life into your speakers with the Les Davis Audio isolators. They are not just accessories, but a necessity for audio purists.

Make an investment in the elevated audio atmosphere you've always dreamed of. Experience Les Davis Audio.


  • Product Name: Les Davis - Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators
  • Brand: Les Davis Audio
  • Product Line: 3D²
  • Material Composition: Three separate layers of 3D(2) material, maple core, and an aluminium top plate
  • Use: For use under speakers and speaker stands; offers great resolution under electronic components
  • Package Size: Available in a box of 4
  • Technology: 3D² Technology, Constrained Layer Damping, Shearing Effect
  • Effectiveness: Reduces noise floor, enhances sound quality, and provides a significant sonic difference in the overall sound
  • Major Application: All electronic components including speakers and CD players
  • Product Purpose: To regulate vibration output in electronic components, improve performance, and maximize potential
  • Damping Layer: Reinforced soft aluminium compound
  • Constraining Layer: Premium polymeric laminate
  • Operational Mechanism: The isolator moves laterally during mechanical vibrations and converts vibration into low-level heat
  • Benefits: Significantly improves the audio/visual output and enhances the overall audio system performance
  • Distinctive Factors: Advanced material selection, multi-layer construction, tested design for removing noise-inducing vibrations
  • Product Positioning: Essential device for audio systems, not just an accessory
  • Impact: Delivers more visceral and fuller sound, considerably improving the listening experience

In conclusion, the Les Davis - Entropic Isolators - Component Isolators offer an exceptional solution to sonic issues. With their groundbreaking technology, these isolators optimize the performance of your audio-visual system, delivering pure, unaltered sound. Elevate your audio experience with Les Davis Audio. Discover richness in every beat and an unparalleled clarity. Available now at Australia's top-rated Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor.

Contact us today at 1300 308 711, email, or visit our Brisbane store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. Experience the best in sonic performance with Les Davis Audio.

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Operational Mechanism
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