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Montaudio - Arapuni PH-1 - Reference Power Cable


Electricity, the lifeblood which pulses through every facet of modern life, is a key player in powering all audio equipment. Often running through thin, subpar cables whilst distorted by outside interferences such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile phones, it leads to degradation in sound quality.

Named after the largest and oldest running renewable hydroelectric power station on the Waikato River in the North Island of New Zealand, the Arapuni PH-1 Power Cable features completely new designs for supreme performance. Dubbed "Ultra Silver Hybrid", it is a carefully formulated mixture of Monocrystalline Copper with Silver-Plated and Non-Plated Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper in different core diameters, which delivers top-end sparkle in perfect balance to the mid and low frequencies, resulting in a lifelike soundstage.

Oversized large gauge of 2 x 4.123 mm² Live and Neutral conductors combines with the massive 4.451 mm² Earth conductor to provide over five times the cross-sectional area of a typical household power cable, ensuring maximum power delivery and response for the most demanding system.

Fully shielded with end-to-end copper foil & Silver-Plated OFC braided mesh, external interference is kept to a minimum to deliver power as cleanly as it was renewably sourced from the mighty Waikato River. A beautiful dark green & silver braiding with a laser-engraved, hand-polished solid walnut ring completes the unmistakably classy Montaudio signature look.

The Arapuni PH-1 Power Cable is terminated in Gold-Plated Audiophile Grade Connectors and is available in different termination configurations to suit different countries. Rhodium-Plated Audiophile Grade Connector are available in Limited Release in selected terminations. Each cable is expertly test-and-tagged in New Zealand to the AS/NZ 3760 standard.


  • Cable Type:Premium Ultra Silver Hybrid Power Cable
  • Metal: 99.999997% Monocrystal Copper + 99.9997% Silver-Plated & Non-Plated LC-OFC
  • Metal Diameter: 2 x 4.123 mm² + 1x 4.451 mm²
  • Dielectric: High Quality Polyethylene PE Dielectric on Main Conductors + Natural Cotton Filler
  • Shielding: Full Copper Foil + Silver-Plated OFC Braided
  • Connectors: Gold-Plated Audiophile Grade Connectors (Rhodium-Plated Limited Release in selected terminations)
  • Terminations: AU/NZ into IEC C15
  • Jacket: Dark Green / Silver Grey Braided
  • Outer Diameter: 17 mm
  • Length: 2.0M
  • Rating: 10A/250V 15A/125V A.C

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