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Montaudio - Rakaia - Ethernet Cable


Named after one of the longest braided rivers in New Zealand, the Rakaia EH-1 Silver Hybrid Premium Ethernet Cable is crafted to deliver ultra-low noise signals through the adoption of the latest Category 8 standard in combination with audiophile premium materials and design.

Akin to the river when viewed from above, the Rakaia EH-1 has silvery veins running down its length, with eight premium Silver-Plated 99.9997% LC-OFC conductors wrapped in select polyethylene dielectric delivering crystal-clear signals end-to-end.

To ensure the maximum protection from external & internal interference such as RFI/EMI and crosstalk, a triple-shielded design is chosen where each conductor pair are first wrapped in copper foil screen, followed by an overwrap of all conductor pairs within another layer of copper foil, then finally enveloped by a Silver-Plated OFC braided mesh.

The extraordinary shielding continues to the termination with the use of top-end German Telegärtner MFP8 Cat 8.1 RJ45 connectors. The premium connectors provide 360° shielding in combination with robust zinc die-cast housing and metallic cable strain relief, setting the new benchmark in noise-free performance.

Complete with a full braided jacket in steel blue with silver-grey stripes and a Solid Natural Walnut Wood ring, the Rakaia EH-1 carries the elegant Montaudio signature look and incredible performance.

Transparent, Lively, Truthful– prepare to be enthralled.


  • Cable Type: Silver Hybrid Audiophile RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • Metal: Silver-Plated 99.9997% LC- OFC
  • Metal Diameter: 22AWG x 8
  • Dielectric: High Quality Polyethylene PE Dielectric on Main Conductors + Natural Cotton Filler
  • Shielding: Triple shielding - Twin Copper Foil Screens + Silver-Plated OFC Braided
  • Connectors: Top Specs Telegärtner MFP8 Cat.8.1
  • Jacket: Steel Blue / Silver Grey Braided
  • Outer Diameter: 9mm
  • Lengths: 1.0M or 1.5M

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