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OSD Audio - Black S-82 - On-Wall Speaker


Thank you for visiting The Audio Tailor.

We’re Stuart, Gabby, Nathan and Vaughan. It’s a pleasure to have you here!

The first question we get from customers usually starts with, “What’s the difference between...”

When you’re shopping for new speakers, a turntable, or even thinking of putting together that home theatre of your teenage dreams - you’ll likely be faced with stacks of comparisons.

Why would I buy the Bluesound Pulse 2i when the Flex 2i is half the price?

Is OSD Audio the best?

Should I wait for a sale? Or get this now? What will I be missing out on when the new model comes out next year?

Endless questions. Lots of FOMO. Loads of hmm-ing and ha-ing.

And there SHOULD be.

Because you don’t go to a Hi-Fi store and drop $2000, $3000, or $15000 on something you're not 100%, positively, secure-in-your heart sure of.

It’s a lot of hard-earned money on the line.

Imagine doing hours of your own research. Reading up the suppliers’ websites, taking notes from Hi Fi blogs, categorizing the differing opinions as you trawl r/audiophile. You know what you’re getting. You’ve narrowed the online stores down to the final five. You’ve checked and re-checked that you’re getting the best deal. You’re sure you’re not getting ripped off by shipping.

You hit the “Checkout” button. Momentary relief!

That is...

Until your speakers haven’t arrived by the estimated delivery date and you have yet to hear a peep about its progress.

Until your new turntable arrives with a crack in the dust cover.

Until your long-awaited amp set-up fails to deliver the kind of sound you had in mind. Now you’re not even sure if you got the right one anymore, or how to troubleshoot it.

What could possibly be worse?

What about: No after-sales service. No phone number to call. And no one responding to your tickets.

Not to mention the hundreds of man hours you’ve already lost on reading layman opinions from the likes of Graham H. from Melbourne and Sarah D. from Perth; dutifully scrolling through pages and pages of reviews. Torturing yourself by looking for all the ones with less than 3 stars... when you could have been sitting back and diving into a whole new world of immersive sound and deliciously satisfying body vibrations.

Would it make sense to go to audio specialists that know brands, specs, and installation like the back of their hands?

Should you spend less time on weighing up pros and cons and more time enjoying good music?

Want to get the absolute best home theatre for your budget and surroundings without the weight of 100++ brand offerings bogging you down?

We like to think so!

And that’s why we’re here. Two things to know about us:

Thing 1: We were voted Australia’s 2021 Hi Fi Retailer of the Year (Yay! And THANK YOU!)

Thing 2: This is purely because we are sound specialists and audioheads - NOT salesmen.

We got into this business because we genuinely love audio and because we realized there was a lot of faceless dropshipping in the HiFi industry - and not enough expertise out there. People who keep coming back to us do so because they’re getting attention to detail and individualized solutions that they can’t find elsewhere.

Our clients don’t need to worry about budget, brand name, or size.

All they need to worry about, is talking to us.

Because, when you come to us, you’re in for a conversation.

We want to know the picture in your head.

That final portrait of you back from the flea market with Pearl Jam’s Ten, eager to place it gently upon a turntable you haven’t quite decided on yet.

A summer barbeque in your garden with the boys. Having a yarn around a beer-filled cooler while appreciating the crisp, clear, quality of sound streaming through the open doors of your listening space.

The kids having mates over - quiet for once - immersed in a good movie, lights out, in the comfort of the home theatre that is your pride and joy. “I wish we had one of these at our place!”

Once we know precisely what your ultimate scenario looks like, we’ll want to know what you’re working with.

What kind of budget have you set aside?

What’s the existing set-up look like?

How big is the listening room you have in mind?

How much ambient light is coming in?

Are you running drywall or wood panelling? Carpet or hardwood?

What about room resonance and reflection?

No idea what we’re going on about? No worries. We intend to talk you through all that. Our aim is that you get the absolute best sound system for your home, at a price point you’re happy with, and an aesthetic you can’t help but want to show off.

To get to this end goal, an unhealthy interest in all things audio simply isn’t enough. That’s why we spend countless hours behind the scenes sourcing products from only the most reliable brands and trustworthy suppliers - regardless of their branding and marketing.

We don’t rely on them to tell us what’s good about their equipment. We’ve developed our own proactive testing process to judge what’s what. So you get hands-on knowledge every single time. Coupled with our tight networks and stable supply chain meticulously refined over the years, we strive to ensure that the experience you get at The Audio Tailor is personal, seamless, and painless.

Personal, because it’s uniquely you in musicality, design, and taste. Your options are hand picked by us from amongst some of the world’s biggest, best, and most dependable brands.

Seamless, because we’re only small. You get one of us. Not one of dozens of salesmen milling about the place, working for commission and pushing the most expensive products.

Painless, because we don’t recommend anything until we’re clear about your needs. We follow up with you to make sure everything’s arrived in one piece. For us, the transaction isn’t over until your equipment is safely installed and fully satisfying.


Some of the big things we feel are missing in the HiFi world are:

  • The need for expertise before, during, and after the sale
  • A vast wealth of comparative knowledge, and
  • A commitment to end-to-end service.

At The Audio Tailor, we hope we’ve made it clear that service doesn’t shut off when a problem pops up. It’s an opportunity to tighten the ship we run, bolster our 5-star reputation, and most importantly - make someone’s day.

Hi! We see you’ve actually made it to the end of this page. Love it!

We’d like to end this by giving a shout out to all the enthusiasts and audiophiles we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years. It has been a privilege to share our desire, passion, and journey for the purest sound and finest entertainment solutions for your homes and businesses.

Thank you to all our customers - past, present, and future - for helping us chase after something above the ordinary.

To make your audio dreams come true - call, email, or hop on down to our Brisbane store.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Product Description

OSD's Black S Series on-wall bookshelf speakers are all about performance and are the perfect addition to high-end, dedicated home theatres. This beautifully crafted series includes three 2-way speakers (S81, S82 & S84) and one 3-way speaker (S85), all four of which are tailored for audiophiles who appreciate the subtle but significant differences between high-end and ultra-high-end speakers.


  • Front-firing ports for on wall and in-wall placement flexibility
  • Sonically neutral cabinet design for a stable, resonance-free platform
  • Proprietary blend long strand fiber woofer for distortion-free bass (all models)
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated speaker terminals
  • Gold-plated midrange driver phase cone for more accurate and directional sound (S85)
  • Triple array silk dome tweeter array with advanced waveguide unit alignment (S81 &S82)
  • AMT tweeter for superior sound quality with pinpoint accuracy (S84 & S85)
  • Use as an on-wall or in-wall (brackets and rubber feet included)
  • Custom-built second and third order crossover networks for highly accurate sound separation Optional speaker stands: wide (S82/S85), standard (S81/S84)

OSD's Black S Series on-wall bookshelf speakers are all about performance and are the perfect addition to high-end, dedicated home theatres. This beautifully crafted series includes three 2-way speakers (S81, S82 & S84) and one 3-way speaker (S85), all four of which are tailored for audiophiles who appreciate the subtle but significant differences between high-end and ultra-high-end speakers.

All speakers in the Black S series have a sonically neutral cabinet design for a stable, resonance-free platform for the custom drivers. The cabinet virtually “disappears” when the music or movie begins so all you hear is a precise soundstage, deep and controlled bass, crisp and natural mid and high frequencies.

Front-firing Ports for Placement Flexibility

Black S Series high-end bookshelf speakers feature front firing ports for placement flexibility. Unlike a rear-ported speaker, a front-ported speaker can be placed against a wall with no effect on sound quality. The S Series provides more installation options and delivers optimal sound as an on-wall, a built into a custom in-wall cabinet or as a free-standing with the optional speaker stands.

Custom Low, Mid and High-Frequency Drivers

The Black S Series includes custom-built low, mid and high frequency drivers for spine-chilling accuracy and sonic detail (S85). The woofer cones are made of a proprietary blend of long strand fiber, creating a light, rigid radiating surface for clean, fast and distortion-free bass. The mid-range drivers on the S85 have a gold-plated phase cone to enhance performance and produce a purely accurate and directional listening area. For high frequency sound, the S84 and S85 use AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeters for superior sound quality with pinpoint accuracy and flawless reproduction. Known for its accuracy and excellent dispersion capability, an AMT tweeter provides consistent performance whether measured at two or 20 meters from the enclosure, and frequency response extends out to 30kHz. The more affordable S81 and S82 feature a triple silk dome tweeter array with advanced waveguide unit alignment. Conducting this acoustic freeway of low, mid and high frequencies is Black Series’ custom-built second and third order crossover networks.


  • 8” On-Wall Speaker
  • Woofer: Dual 8” Long Wood Fibre Inter-thread
  • Double Compressed Cone
  • Tweeter: Double Array Silk Dome
  • X-Over: 12db Second Order at 2500hz
  • Cabinet: Front Inverted With High Transparent Grille
  • Gold Plated Speaker Terminals
  • Power Handling: 300W
  • Sensitivity: 94dB 1w/1m
  • Max SPL: 102dB
  • Freq Response: 38Hz – 30kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Finish: Black
  • Mounting Brackets Included
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 414mm x 444mm x 218mm

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