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Pro-Ject - VC-E2 - Compact Record Cleaning Machine

Why Pay Full Price? Why Pay Full Price?
Original price $829.00
Original price $829.00 - Original price $829.00
Original price $829.00
Current price $745.00
$745.00 - $745.00
Current price $745.00
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Our Thoughts

Elevate your vinyl record experience to a whole new level with the Pro-Ject VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine. A must-have for serious record enthusiasts, the VC-E2 ensures the utmost care and maintenance for your vinyl collection, offering a far deeper clean than any record brush can provide. With the convenience of our pre-mixed, eco-friendly Wash it 2 non-alcoholic cleaning solution, your records will go through one to two revolutions, emerging spotlessly clean and free from any residue. Coupled with a magnetic clamp to protect record labels, a robust metal arm for concentrated suction, and an easily emptied 0.5l container to catch used fluid, the VC-E2 revolutionizes the cleaning process with efficiency and ease. This European-crafted cleaner boasts high-quality materials and stunning design while promising pristine, static-free records. Experience richer, hiss and click-free sound with the VC-E2. True vinyl lovers, it's time for a cleaning revolution.

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ℹ Product Information

Pro-Ject-VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine

Designed for vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, the Pro-Ject-VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine raises the bar in record care and preservation. With an innovative design and strikingly superior functionality, the VC-E2 transforms the meticulous task of record cleaning into a smooth, effortless experience. The persistent problem with conventional record brushes is their inability to provide a deep enough clean for your cherished vinyl – a problem the VC-E2 effortlessly solves with its ingenious wet-cleaning system, offering your records unprecedented care.

Understanding the unexpected wear and tear that traditional alcoholic cleaning fluids can inflict, we’ve crafted an ingenious solution: 'Wash it 2.' Wash it 2 is a groundbreaking, eco-friendly, non-alcoholic cleaning fluid pre-mixed for your convenience, negating the need for any tricky dilution or preparation. Designed to clean your records thoroughly in one to two rotations, the VC-E2 takes the chore out of record maintenance. It also features a new magnetic clamp to protect record labels from any damage the cleaning fluid might cause, thereby streamlining the cleaning process considerably. With its robust, mechanically stable metal arm and a new self-adhesive arm strip, your records are left looking as good as new after every clean. The integrated 0.5L container collects used fluid for easy disposal - and when used with our Wash it 2 cleaning solution, the fluid even evaporates in the container for even simpler maintenance. Manufactured in Europe with high-end materials and exceptional craftsmanship, the VC-E2 pairs industry-leading design with guaranteed crisp, hiss and click-free sound from your vinyl records.


  1. Innovative Design: The Pro-Ject-VC-E2 boasts a sleek, contemporary design that combines style with functionality, taking your record cleaning experience to a new level of sophistication.

  2. Robust Metal Arm: A mechanically stable arm that keeps the suction power focused on the record surface, ensuring a more effective and deeper clean.

  3. Compact and Efficient: With a footprint smaller than most models, the VC-E2 fits neatly into any setup without compromising on its comprehensive cleaning capabilities.

  4. Magnetic Clamp: No more manual screwing. Our new clamp not only speeds up the process but also protects the record labels from potential fluid damage.

  5. Self-Adhesive Arm Strip: Our innovative arm strip ensures your records look as good as new post-clean.

  6. Wash it 2 Cleaning Fluid: An eco-friendly, non-alcoholic solution that thoroughly cleans and maintains the integrity of your vinyl records without the need for dilution or preparation.

  7. 0.5L Integrated Fluid Container: A conveniently sized reservoir that collects the used fluid and allows for easy disposal. When used with Wash It 2, the fluid even self-evaporates for your convenience.

  8. EU Manufactured: High-quality European materials and exceptional craftsmanship ensures top-notch device performance and shelf-life.

  9. Daily Maintenance Solution: Remove static loads and keep your beloved records looking and sounding pristine with just one to two rotations around the machine.


  1. Sound Quality: With the VC-E2, your vinyl records are left click and hiss-free, guaranteeing unmatchable sound experience.

  2. Practicality: No more frustrating DIY. The pre-mixed Wash It 2 requires no user preparation ensuring a simple and straightforward cleaning process.

  3. Fast Cleansing: The VC-E2 offers a speedy cleaning process, leaving your records dry and ready to play in just one to two rotations.

  4. Label Protection: The magnetic clamp system seals off the record label from the cleaning fluid, ensuring no label damage or discoloration.

  5. Convenience: With its compact and lightweight design, the VC-E2 is space-saving and easy to maneuver.

  6. Eco-Friendly: By using our specially formulated non-alcoholic cleaning fluid, you are supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

  7. Long-term Preservation: Offering a comprehensive deep cleaning that a regular brush cannot provide, the VC-E2 helps preserve the lifespan of your beloved vinyl records.

Enjoy top-tier sound quality and maintain the integrity of your vinyl records with the VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine's superior technology and user-friendly design.


Product Name
Shipping Dimension
Shipping Weight
Made in
Cleaning Fluid
Cleaning Time
Special Feature

In conclusion, the Pro-Ject-VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine stands as an unrivalled triumph in the field of vinyl care, mixing the best of expert craftsmanship and innovatively thoughtful design. Ideal for both neophyte record collectors or fully-fledged audiophiles, its unparalleled features, such as the novel Wash it 2 cleaning solution and industrious mechanical arm, transform the often laborious task of record cleaning into a sleek and straightforward process. A proud product of meticulous European manufacturing, the VC-E2 breathes new life into your favorite vinyl records by not only cleansing them but also safeguarding them against future harm. This unbeatable convenience meshed with high-end performance is what makes the VC-E2 an essential companion for any vinyl enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the pure, uninterrupted sound of your favorite tunes with a record cleaned by the Pro-Ject-VC-E2 Compact Record Cleaning Machine. Available at Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store - The Audio Tailor, where excellence and utility chime in perfect concord. Contact us now at, or drop by our Brisbane store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. Accredited top-tier service awaits you at The Audio Tailor!

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Details
Product Name Pro-Ject - VC-E2 - Compact Record Cleaning Machine
Features Improved cabinet design, Magnetic clamp, Improved vacuum steam outlet, Self-adhesive arm strip, Wash it 2 cleaning fluid, Removes cleaning fluid residue free, 0.5L tank for vacuumed cleaning liquid, Completely dry record in 2 rotations, Eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid, Removes static load of vinyl records, Clamp seals record label from cleaning fluid.
Dimensions 0.30m x 0.47m x 0.27m
Shipping Dimension 0.30m x 0.47m x 27.00m
Weight 7.50kg
Shipping Weight 7.50kg
Made in Europe
Cleaning Fluid Eco-friendly non-alcoholic – Wash it 2
Cleaning Time 1-2 revolutions
Special Feature The internal 0.5L container collects used fluid and is effortlessly easy to empty. With Wash it 2 cleaning solution, the fluid will evaporate in the container, minimizing the need for frequent emptying
Design High-quality materials with gorgeous finishing
Usage Removes clicks and hisses from vinyl records for a cleaner sound

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