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Wharfedale - Diamond 12.C - Centre Speaker

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Our Thoughts

Immerse yourself in a cinematic soundscape right in your living room with the Wharfedale Diamond 12.C Centre Speaker. As the heart of your home theatre system, the compact yet powerful Diamond 12.C brings intimate detail and depth to your viewing and listening experience, delivering every line of dialogue with power and clarity. Whether you're watching an action blockbuster, enjoying a live sports event or just unwinding with your favourite album, the Diamond 12.C's state-of-the-art technology and meticulously-crafted design guarantees an unrivalled audio performance. Its aluminum compensation ring minimizes distortion for a crisp, clean sound while the high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin offers greater power handling and enhanced rigidity. Experience the thrill of cinema-quality sound, from powerful lows to smoothly-extended highs, all carefully balanced in a beautifully-designed cabinet that's as stunning to look at as it is to listen to. Embrace the sensory richness of the Wharfedale Diamond 12.C Centre Speaker and elevate your home entertainment setup to new auditory heights.

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ℹ Product Information

Wharfedale - Diamond 12.C - Centre Speaker

Immerse yourself in a symphony of sound revolution, meet the Wharfedale - Diamond 12.C - Centre Speaker - a centrepiece that flawlessly infuses cinema-grade vocal clarity and profound depth into your home theater experience. As a perfect complement to the DIAMOND 12 Series standmount (bookshelf) and floorstander models, the DIAMOND 12.C record-breaking speaker is compact, precise, and power-packed.

Experience the precision of dual 130mm (5”) KlarityTM drivers, judiciously designed to orchestrate refined mid-range and heart-pounding bass frequencies. Let the 25mm (1”) dome tweeter take you on a nuanced journey through smoothly extended high frequencies, unearthing fine particulars and amplitudes in movies, sports and music alike. Ever craved for a low colouration expressive listening experience? The Wharfedale - Diamond 12.C – Centre Speaker delivers exactly this. Its Klarity™ cone, an intricate blend of Polypropylene and Mica, makes for a lightweight yet stiff cone, reducing flexing and ensuring a lightning-fast response. It's time to bid adieu to distortion with a meticulously designed magnet system, housed with an aluminium compensation ring.

Are you ready to level up your sound experience? The Diamond 12.C does not believe in half measures – its voice coil is a high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin, a rare find in speakers at this price range. Brace yourself for 25mm dome made from a woven polyester film with a high-loss coating, opening up skillfully extended high frequencies. There’s more, the firm, yet fair DIAMOND 12.1’s rear-ported enclosure is precision-sized, working in harmony with the drive-unit system, delivering exactly the sound you desire. It's not just about the sound with Diamond 12.C, it's about a well-rounded, undistorted, clean, and engaging experience - all at an unbeatable value.


  1. Compact and Potent: Despite its compact proportions, the Diamond 12.C doesn't compromise on power, ensuring that your sound experience is never lacking in depth or clarity.

  2. Superior Sound Design: With dual 130mm (5”) Klarity™ drivers, refined mid-range and thunderous bass frequencies are guaranteed, while the 25mm (1”) dome tweeter offers smooth and extended high frequencies to provide greater detail and depth to all your audial entertainment.

  3. High-Quality Materials: Klarity™ cone material, a blend of Polypropylene and Mica, provides a lightweight and sturdy cone to reduce flexing, ensuring a quick response and low coloration. This promises you an expressive listening experience.

  4. Optimized Magnet System: This aluminium compensation ring minimizes distortions, making your listening experience pure and uncompromised.

  5. Unrivalled High-Quality Voice Coil: The speakers' voice coil is composed of a high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin, providing greater power handling and stiffness, leading to optimal sound rendition.

  6. Smooth High Frequencies: A 25mm dome made of a woven polyester film with a high-loss coating offers elegantly extended high frequencies, unearthing fine details in movies, sports, and music alike.

  7. Ideal Cabinet Design: The Diamond 12.C's rear-ported enclosure is precision-sized to work in harmony with the drive-unit system, providing a balanced and distortion-free sound experience.

  8. Sound Bracing: Intelligent Spot Bracing reduces cabinet resonance, ensuring the pure sound experience you're looking for.

  9. Advanced Crossover System: The crossover network uses an LKR 24dB topology that includes top-tier air-core inductors, resulting in fast, clean bass with zero distortion from the inductor.


  • General description: 2-way bookshelf speaker
  • Enclosure type: closed-box system
  • Transducer complement: 2-way
  • Bass driver: 5"(130mm) advanced PP Cone x2
  • Treble driver: 1"(25mm) Textile Dome
  • AV shield: No
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Recommended amplifier power: 20-120W
  • Peak SPL: 96dB
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω Compatible
  • Minimum impedance: 4.0Ω
  • Frequency response: 90Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Bass extension: 80Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 2.2kHz
  • Cabinet Volume: 8.7L
  • Dimensions: 180 x 480 x (180+28) mm
  • Net weight: 8.5kg per piece

In conclusion, the Wharfedale - Diamond 12.C - Centre Speaker combines exceptional build quality and cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled sound performance. With this ultimate centrepiece, it's not just about enhancing your home cinema or sound system; it's about experiencing sound in its most authentic form.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications Description
Product DIAMOND 12.C Centre Speaker
General Description 2-way bookshelf speaker
Enclosure Type Closed-box system
Transducer Complement 2-way
Bass Driver Dual 5"(130mm) advanced PP Cone
Treble Driver 1"(25mm) Textile Dome
AV Shield No
Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V @ 1m)
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-120W
Peak SPL 96dB
Nominal Impedance 8Ω Compatible
Minimum Impedance 4.0Ω
Frequency Response 90Hz ~ 20kHz (+/-3dB)
Bass Extension 80Hz (-6dB)
Crossover Frequency 2.2kHz
Cabinet Volume 8.7 Litres
Dimensions 180 x 480 x (180+28) mm
Net Weight 8.5kg each
Special Features Klarity™ cone, a high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin, an aluminium compensation ring, a woven polyester film dome, an intelligent spot bracing for optimal reduction of cabinet resonance.
High-Powered Sound Provides cinema-quality sound for movies, sports, and music
High-level Construction Quality materials and componentry guarantee optimal sound quality and durability
Ideal for Home Theatre Systems Designed to complement Diamond 12 series standmount and floorstander models
Wide Dispersion Dome and magnet system optimised for wide dispersion and uncompressed behaviour
Precise Sound Detail Provides accurate and precise detail for a high-quality sound experience
Low Colouration Klarity™ cone fitted with a low-damping surround for low-colouration and expressive dynamics
Designed for Low Distortion Aluminium compensation ring to minimise distortion and improve motor system performance
Advanced Crossover Network Uses an acoustic LKR 24dB topology for lowest possible distortion
Sturdy Cabinet Design Multi-layered sandwich design to reduce cabinet 'sound' and improve overall sound quality

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