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YG Acoustics - Summit - 3-way Floor Standing Speakers

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Experience a sonic revolution with YG Acoustics - Summit - 3-way Floor Standing Speakers. Precision-engineered to perfection by YG Acoustics, these speakers combine cutting-edge science with the art of excellent sound reproduction. Along with effortless dynamics and fine detailing, Summit floods your room with full-scale classical or rock music with unmatched ease. Expect deep, authoritative bass, unparalleled clarity, and superb musicality. Crafted using proprietary ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore woofers, and housed in a thick, precision-machined aluminum baffle, the Summit epitomizes uncompromised quality. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or merely beginning your high-end audio journey, YG Acoustics - Summit will redefine your perception of soundscape. Experience it today at The Audio Tailor, Australia's leading HiFi store. Don't settle for ordinary, when you can Summit.

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ℹ Product Information

YG Acoustics Summit-3 Way Floor Standing Speakers

Embark on an auditory odyssey with the sonic marvel and innovative design of the YG Acoustics Summit-3 Way Floor Standing Speakers, now available at The Audio Tailor. Born out of the profundity of ingenious engineering and contemporary acoustic science, YG Acoustics, founded by the prodigious Yoav Geva in 2002, is the embodiment of sonic perfection. Gifted intrigue to music paired with unrelenting zeal for innovation has culminated in the creation of ornate speaker systems that are exceptional, unparalleled and are set to invigorate your senses.

Our prolific Peaks series introduces five outlandishly exquisite speaker models and a potent subwoofer- each meticulously designed to deliver superlative performance across varied room dimensions and across a wide array of music genres. From the compact and high-performing Cairn to our flagbearer, the Summit- a three-way floor standing speaker that encapsulates the epitome of cutting-edge engineering and sonic science to offer an atypical audio experience. Immerse into the magic of YG Acoustics' proprietary ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore woofers - both precision machined in-house, affixed on to resolute aluminium front baffles to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Engross yourself into the world of ethereal music and experience the emotion and magic of a live performance with the YG Acoustics Peaks series. Let your home echo with the breathtaking sound quality, innovative design, and captivating musicality that the YG Acoustics Summit-3 Way Floor Standing Speakers bring along. Unleash the power of sound and transform your home audio experience with YG Acoustics Peaks series, available at The Audio Tailor. Your sonic revolution begins here.


  1. Peaks Series: The exclusive Peaks series includes five high-performing speaker models and a powerful subwoofer, each product meticulously designed to provide superior performance in various room spatial dimensions and across different music genres.
  2. ForgeCore Tweeters and BilletCore Woofers: Innovatively designed ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore woofers are precision machined in-house, offering exceptional audio output.
  3. Dense Resin Fiber Body: The speaker body is made with high-quality, dense resin fiber that attenuates any resonances and reflections, enhancing the quality of sound.
  4. Sealed Cabinet: Sealed cabinets incorporate advanced bracing that prevents sound leakage, ensuring optimal acoustics coupled with a striking design.
  5. Cutting-Edge Science & Engineering: The Summit speakers represent the combination of innovative science and engineering, offering a no-compromise approach to delivering the most musical performance possible.
  6. High Compatibility with Amplifiers: With crossover topologies optimized through simulations and critical listening, the Summit provides broad compatibility with different amplifiers.


  1. Unrivaled Sound Quality: The Peaks series speakers pave the way for an awe-inspiring audio experience. With the combined effect of inch-perfect machining and formidable raw power, these speakers sing with an astonishing level of clarity, detail, and finesse.
  2. Superior Performance: Designed for high precision, the ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore woofers enhance the sonic output, providing a rich auditory experience.
  3. Acoustic Excellence: The use of dense resin fiber and sealed cabinets effectively eliminates any cabinet resonances and reflections, promoting incredibly clean and vibrant sound quality.
  4. Highly Adaptable: With advanced crossover designs, the Summit seamlessly adjusts with different amplifiers, giving users a high degree of operational flexibility.
  5. Unforgettable Musical Journey: Submerge yourself in an immersive musical journey filled with emotions, evoking the passion and energy of live performances at the comfort of your own home.
  6. Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing: The durable build ensures long-lasting use, while the classy design adds a touch of elegance to your home décor, turning your living space into a sophisticated entertainment hub.


Specification Description
Product Type 3-way passive floor standing speaker
Drivers ForgeCore tweeter, 18.5cm BilletCore driver, 26cm BilletCore driver
Frequency Response 24Hz – 40kHz
Impedance Average 4 Ohms, Minimum 2.4 Ohms
Sensitivity 90dB
Dimensions 44.7 x 12.2 x 19.7" (H x W x D) or 1135 x 310 x 500mm (H x W x D)
Weight 159lbs each or 72kg each

As a final note, The Audio Tailor - voted Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, is delighted to present the YG Acoustics Summit 3-way Floor Standing Speakers- a distinctive embodiment of sublimity, power, and acoustic technology. These phenomenal speakers promise an immersive and transcendent auditory experience that challenges the boundaries of sound. Intricately crafted with innovation and manifested in sonic perfection, the Peaks series stands as an exemplar of audio engineering. Experience how YG Acoustics' masterfully designed ForgeCore tweeters and BilletCore woofers seamlessly harmonise to deliver sound in its purest form. It's more than a speaker - it's the marriage of scientific precision and artistic passion, a testament to our relentless pursuit of supreme audio fidelity. Don't merely listen, but connect to the profound lyricism, the profound rhythms, and the very soul of your music with these extraordinary speakers. Speak with our knowledgeable team at The Audio Tailor today at 1300 308 711 or drop us a line at to explore the wonders of the YG Acoustics Summit. Let your music reach its pinnacle, here at The Audio Tailor. Echo the absolute best in your home, because you deserve to live your music. Experience YG Acoustics – where sound transcends.

ℹ Specifications
Specification Description
Product Type 3-way passive floor standing speaker
Drivers ForgeCore tweeter, 18.5cm BilletCore driver, 26cm BilletCore driver
Frequency Response 24Hz – 40kHz
Impedance Average 4 Ohms, Minimum 2.4 Ohms
Sensitivity 90dB
Dimensions 44.7 x 12.2 x 19.7" (H x W x D) or 1135 x 310 x 500mm (H x W x D)
Weight 159lbs each or 72kg each

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