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Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFi Rack 195mm Shelf Module

by Atacama
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Immerse yourself in optimal sound experiences with Atacama's Evoque Eco 60/40 design edition HiFi Rack Shelf Module. Handcrafted in the UK, this luxurious component embodies a perfect blend of eco-friendly materials and innovative technology, designed to revolutionize your audio experience. With 40mm carbonized bamboo shelves, capable of supporting up to 30kg (66 lbs) per level, the high gloss, powder coated legs are equipped with A.S.I.S.T (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) for maximum vibration absorption and resonance control. Loaded with aerospace grade aluminum grounding components with adjustable nickel-plated 8mm steel spikes, the Evoque Eco 60/40 is an environmentally-friendly, acoustically-advanced platform purposefully designed to help your AV components deliver their full potential. Whether you're upgrading your system or building from scratch, experience the true essence of sound backed by green practices with Atacama's Evoque Eco 60/40.

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ℹ Product Information

Introducing the Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module

Unleash the sonic potential of your AV setup with our next-level support system, drawing on the innovative use of carbonized bamboo for unparalleled resonance control and vibration absorption. Utilising 40mm of this unique material, handpicked and prepared in our UK factory, we've crafted an aesthetically modern and acoustically superior solution for your HIFI placement. Choose from three versatile leg heights, each capable of supporting up to 30kg. The legs are not just robust; they're also cleverly designed with powder-coated high gloss black finish, fitted with twin A.S.I.S.T (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) dampening gaskets, carbon steel studs, and aerospace grade Aluminium grounding components. The full set is completed with adjustable nickel-plated 8mm steel spikes. These features work in synergy to dampen and transfer progression of residual high-frequency resonance away from your AV components, enabling them the freedom to perform to their maximum potential. As this is a natural product, each shelf exhibits its own unique colour and grain, adding to its distinct personality. But our Evoque design does more than just look good and sound great. It is also an eco-conscious choice, with the bamboo we use fast-growing, naturally pest-resistant, carbon-neutral, pesticide- and fertiliser-free, and friendly to animal species. Embrace an acoustically advanced, visually appealing, and environmentally sustainable solution proven to dramatically enhance your HIFI experience with the Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module.


  1. Unparalleled Resonance Control: Utilising 40mm of carbonised bamboo, sourced and prepared in our UK factory, the HIFI Rack offers superior vibration absorption capabilities that significantly enhance the sonic qualities of your AV components.

  2. Versatile and Strong: Choose from three interchangeable leg heights, each capable of supporting up to 30kg (66 lbs) per level, providing optimal flexibility based on your equipment needs.

  3. Advanced Isolation System: The shelving units are fitted with twin A.S.I.S.T (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) dampening gaskets and carbon steel studs with aerospace grade Aluminium grounding components, that channel away residual high-frequency resonance, allowing AV components to deliver maximum performance.

  4. Ecologically Sustainable: Our product is crafted out of bamboo, a plant that absorbs very high levels of CO2, does not require artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides in its growth cycle and that is also animal friendly.

  5. Carbon Neutral: Due to its fast growth and high CO2 absorption rate, even when considering processing, manufacturing and shipping, bamboo remains a carbon-neutral material.

  6. Handcrafted and Unique: Each bamboo module is handpicked and prepared at our UK factory and due to its natural properties, each module features its own unique colour, texture, and grain.

  7. Fully Adjustable: Each Module features fully adjustable nickel-plated 8mm steel spikes, providing you the flexibility to perfectly stabilize your shelf on any surface.


  1. Sonic Superiority: Ensures the best possible acoustics from your AV setup by absorbing and controlling resonance.

  2. Customizability: Choose your leg height based on your equipment needs and adjust your shelf module with ease using the adjustable steel spikes.

  3. Gorgeous Design: Adds a modern, aesthetically pleasing touch to any room with its stylish, sleek design.

  4. Eco-friendly: Using bamboo for your HIFI Rack Module not only delivers superior acoustics but is also a sustainable option, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

  5. Uniqueness: Each module being unique in its colour and grain, ensures that no two HIFI Racks are the same, thereby making your unit distinct and one of a kind.

  6. Total Support: Capable of supporting up to 30kg (66 lbs) per level, our HIFI Rack promises robust stability for your AV components.

  7. Longevity of Material: Bamboo, being highly robust yet flexible, ensures that your HIFI Rack will be a durable addition to your AV setup.

  8. Locally Produced: Made in the UK, each Evoque Eco HIFI Rack ensures top-notch quality and supports local manufacturing.

Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module


Product Name Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition
Type HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module with Carbonized Bamboo
Leg Heights Interchangeable, Options with 30kg (66lbs) load per level
Leg Material High Gloss Black Powder Coated; equipped with twin A.S.I.S.T (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) Dampening Gaskets and Carbon Steel Studs sourced from Aerospace Grade Aluminium
Spikes Full Adjustable Nickel Plated 8mm Steel Spikes
Additional Features - Excellent vibration absorbing and resonance controlling properties from high density carbonized bamboo
- All Bamboo for the product sourced from a specific plantation and undergoes specified production processes for best acoustic results
- Hand-finished and prepared modules for a modern, stylish appearance.
Sustainability - Ecologically sustainable due to Bamboo's rapid growth rate
- Bamboo absorbs high levels of CO2 thus remaining carbon neutral even after processing and shipping
- The type of bamboo used does not interfere with food sources for humans or endangered species and is grown without pesticides, herbicided or artificial fertilisers
Notes - Natural variations in colour, texture, grain and age of Bamboo may influence appearance
- Possible darkening of Bamboo over time is normal and part of its maturing process
- Maximum overall height of the support should not exceed 1255mm (50 inches)
- All modules sourced, processed, and prepared at Atacama's UK-based factory
Advice - To minimise batch/colour tonal difference, it is advisable to order your Evoque as a complete modular support with enough levels for future needs
- Variation in room lighting, batch colour, and grain may affect how product colours appear in different surroundings and cannot be matched directly with other wood/furnishings based on photography alone

Upgrade your AV space to a whole new level with the Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module. This top-of-the-range support system not only ensures an incomparable sonic performance, it also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to your interior thanks to its modern design and natural colour variation. With innovative features carefully designed to enhance your HIFI experience and an exceptional eco-friendly footprint, this product is proof that quality need not compromise responsibility. Experience an instigated acoustical superiority, visual grace and sustainable living with the Atacama - Evoque Eco 60/40 Design Edition - HIFI Rack 195mm Shelf Module. Available exclusively at Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, The Audio Tailor. Let our friendly team guide you through the purchasing process either in our Brisbane store, by phone at 1300 308 711, or via our website. Embrace the future of sound today!

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