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Audia Flight - Flight Three S - Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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ℹ Product Information

With over two decades of experience in designing cutting-edge, high-performance audio equipment, our Audia Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier represents a pinnacle of craftsmanship and audio excellence. Drawing from the knowledge gained through our Classic and Strumento Series, we've meticulously considered every detail to cater to the discerning audio enthusiast and music lover. Furthermore, the Flight Three S offers exceptional value and, in keeping with Audia Flight's tradition, is proudly crafted in Italy.

Design and Exterior: Beginning with its elegant Italian craftsmanship, the Flight Three S boasts a robust chassis with a substantial 10mm thick aluminum front panel. It features tactile metal pushbutton selectors and a finely weighted aluminum volume knob that provides a pleasing tactile experience. Additionally, the compact ergonomic remote control is crafted from solid aluminum. A large, blue OLED display not only enhances aesthetics but also keeps you informed about your chosen input, which can be customized to your preferences, and other feature selections as you engage them.

Internal Excellence: Within the Flight Three S's sophisticated electronic architecture lie several critical features that set it apart from other integrated amplifiers in its category. An ALPS Blue potentiometer, known for high performance, ensures precise volume control across all settings. Eight power supplies are meticulously designed to handle amplification stages up to the driver transistor stage, offering a total capacitance of 13,200uF for the stabilized power supplies leading to the driver transistor section. Four high-current power supplies (72,000µF) are dedicated solely to the output driver stages. To enhance sonic performance, the logic control section boasts its own toroidal transformer and is connected to the analog section via photo-couplers exclusively. Driving your speakers are two 100 Watt amplifiers with a substantial 576VA toroidal audio transformer. In summary, the Flight Three S features a dual-mono design, Audia Flight's current feedback circuitry, an advanced preamp section, and delivers deep, well-controlled bass, painting a powerful and captivating sonic picture for your speakers and music.

User-Friendly Interface: Interacting with the Flight Three S is a delight, thanks to user-friendly features. Input selection, volume control, and mute control (with memory of the previous level) can be managed via the front panel or remote control. Users have the option to choose from four unbalanced analog inputs (including one for a phono input), one balanced analog input, and an optional USB digital input. The optional USB 24-bit 192KHz DAC board, boasting high-grade discreet circuitry, elevates your digital files' musical experience. Furthermore, the optional pure analog MM/MC phono board (via analog Input 1) breathes life into your turntable, phono cartridges, and vinyl collection.

Standard Features: The Flight Three S also incorporates several standard features, including a discrete, high-performance headphone amplifier designed to drive your headphones effectively. A bypass (or "direct") feature, controllable via remote, allows you to transform the Flight Three S into a power amplifier through any assigned analog input, enabling integration into multi-channel systems like home theaters while maintaining reference-quality two-channel listening. Additionally, it offers a remote trigger input, Monitor input, Record output, and an unbalanced Preamplifier output with the option to deactivate the Flight Three S's internal amplifiers as needed.

In conclusion, the Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier is a masterpiece in aesthetics, usability, and audio excellence, compatible with various sources and nearly any loudspeaker configuration. It's designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Technical Specifications Values
Output Power (Watts RMS) @ 8/4 ohm 100/160W
Amplifier Stage Gain 26dB
Frequency Response (@1 Watt RMS; -3dB) 1Hz - 450kHz
Slew Rate (@ 8 Ohm) >80V/µS
THD <0.05%
S/N Ratio >95dB
Unbalanced Input Impedance 51kOhm, 150pF
Balanced Input Impedance 30kOhm
Stand-by Power Consumption Less than 1W
Maximum Power Consumption 400W
Dimensions and Weight 450x110x430mm (W x H x D), 16.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions and Weight 550x250x580mm (W x H x D), 18.5 kg
Inputs and Outputs
4 Unbalanced Inputs
1 Balanced Input
1 Monitor Input
1 Analog Input (Assignable to Bypass)
1 Optional USB Digital Input
1 Unbalanced Preamp Output
1 Unbalanced Record Output
1 Output for Headphones
Optional Boards (Can be Retrofitted)
Phono MC/MM (Replaces Analog Input 1)
USB 24bit 192KHz DAC (Becomes Input 6)

Additionally, note that the USB input has been insulated with an ADuM (from Analog Devices) to prevent any noise from the computer. When used together with a player application such as FooBar or WinAmp, the USB input allows for streaming music files to the internal converter at a maximum frequency/resolution of 192kHz/24bits while avoiding undesired PC or MAC audio mixer data processing during the data transfer from the hard disk to the interface.

ℹ Specifications

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