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Creek Audio - Sequel MKIII - Plug-in Phono Board


Creek Audio has always been a fan of the vinyl disc. For those consumers who have an interest in enjoying this alternative source of high quality music, there are few amplifiers available today equipped to deal with this as standard. All Creek integrated amplifiers, from 1993 have been designed to accept plug-in Phono modules, to enable vinyl disc reproduction.

The latest Creek plug-in Phono pre-amp is called Sequel mk3. It is designed to match a wide-range of MM and MC cartridges and can be fitted to the latest integrated amps from Creek, namely the Evolution 50A, Evolution 100A. It can also be fitted to older Creek amps. Please read a definitive list below.

The module must be fitted inside the amp, in a slot that will change the Auxiliary Line input into a Phono input, so either the supplying dealer, or the user, must fit the Phono pre-amp before it can be used.

The new generation Sequel mk3 circuitry has been developed to simplify the user experience and provide flexibility to match various types of cartridge in one module. Not only can it be switched for 40dB or 50dB gain, the user can select 100pF or 200pF input capacitance and IEC low frequency roll-off, with a simple piano key switch on the PCB. The EVOLUTION amp’s display will automatically show Phono, when the amp is fitted with the Plug-in module and selected for that input.

Exact matching of cartridge gain is not necessary, as the amplifier’s pre-amp volume control can always be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity. The main issue is to avoid input overload.

The Sequel Phono modules can also be used to enable vinyl input on current and older Creek amplifiers including the following:

  • Destiny 2 integrated amplifier
  • Evolution 2 integrated amplifier
  • Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier
  • Classic 5350SE Integrated amp
  • 5350SE, 5350R and 5350 Integrated amps
  • 5250, 5250R and 5250SE integrated amps
  • 4330 and 4330SE Integrated amps

does not include mk2 versions, 4240 and 4240SE Integrated amps.



  • INPUT IMPEDANCE - 47k Ohms
  • GAIN - 40 dB (x100) suitable for 2.5 to 5.0mV output range
  • GAIN - 50 dB (x316) suitable for 0.9 to 2.5mV output range
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE - 10 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
  • OPTIONAL LOW FREQUENCY - EQ: RIAA (flat) or IEC: 7950 µs (20 Hz roll-off)
  • INPUT CAPACITANCE - 100pF or 200pF, optional
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO - 80 dB at 40dB or >70dB at 50dB gain
  • OVERLOAD MARGIN - 15 dB, limited by pre-amp input overload

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