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Gold Note - PST-10 - External Power Supply

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Our Thoughts

Indulge your auditory senses with the Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply, a game-changer in vinyl playback refinement, brought to you by Australia's top-rated Hi-Fi experts at The Audio Tailor. Meticulously crafted to elevate Gold Note turntables, the PST-10 isn't just a power unit—it is the ultimate turntable partner that thrives on our philosophy of modular perfection in analogue system implementation. With an exceptional dual-choke hybrid design, this bespoke creation filters your music's lifeblood, providing a sanctuary against electrical noise and interference. When power transcends to an art form, the PST-10 delivers a symphony of ultra-clean power that promises breathtaking noise reduction, dynamic range, and an exquisite canvas for musical details to dance upon. Its 4-stage architecture and quartet of ultra-low-noise voltage regulators are the silent heroes, coupled with a custom silver-core conductor cable, ensuring your turntable operates within a realm of unprecedented precision. Embrace the pinnacle of audio purity with the PST-10 and experience your vinyl collection reborn in a display of refined realism and unmatched musicality. Discover this jewel of sonic excellence at The Audio Tailor, where the passion for peerless audio reservoirs is matched only by the commitment to customer satisfaction.

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ℹ Product Information

Product Description: Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply

Unlock the untapped potential of sonic excellence with the Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply, an unrivaled masterpiece meticulously crafted for the connoisseur who seeks an unparalleled auditory experience from their vinyl collection. As the quintessential partner to your Gold Note turntable, the PST-10 is not merely an accessory; it’s a revelation in precision power management, designed to uphold the sanctity of your music. Forged from the ethos of Gold Note’s modular philosophy, this power supply stands as a testament to the brand's relentless pursuit of audio purity.

The heart of the PST-10 beats with a groundbreaking super inductive dual-choke hybrid design, fortified with an analogue-stage filter that defies the common foes of electrical interference and noise. With its proprietary Dual-Choke design, the PST-10 meticulously filters voltage, banishing any grid disturbances and ensuring your turntable is cocooned in an environment optimized for peak performance.

Such meticulous filtration gives life to a pristine canvas of ultra-clean power, where even the most subtle nuances of your music gain vivid clarity. The PST-10’s rich dynamic range, heightened resolution, and microscopic audio detail come together in a symphony, delivering an enveloping realism that captures the soul of every note. Laden with a 4-stage architecture and quartet of ultra-low-noise voltage regulators, every technical aspect of this power supply is engineered to cradle your auditory senses in unparalleled musicality. The ensemble of four specialized transformers—three dedicated solely to delivering steadfast power and one to the inductive choke filter—operate in seamless harmony, translating to a power delivery system that performs with surgical precision. Accompanied by a bespoke 1.5m power cord, woven with silver-core conductors, the PST-10 doesn’t just transmit energy; it carries the promise of audio purity at the pinnacle of its capabilities.

Prepare to delve into the specifications that make this artifact of audiophile engineering stand out. With output voltage variation held at a miraculous 0.05%, line and common mode noise rejections soaring above 80dB, and a full power response time that clocks in under 2.5 microseconds, the PST-10 is a beacon of performance in the realm of high-fidelity audio. The robust structure, measuring 200mm in width, 80mm in height, and 260mm in depth, coupled with a net weight of 3kg and 4kg boxed, is a statement of both elegance and durability. Whether you’re immersed in the warm embrace of a vinyl classic or the intricate layers of a modern symphony, the Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply is poised to redefine your turntable's capabilities, promising each record spins not just with precision, but with the breath of life itself.

Features / Benefits Section

Super Inductive Dual-Choke Hybrid Design

  • Feature: The PST-10 boasts a cutting-edge super inductive dual-choke hybrid design that includes an analogue-stage filter.
  • Benefit: Experience audio without compromise. The dual-choke design ensures your vinyl playback is free from electrical interference, granting you a clear and clean sound. This translates to a listening experience that is as authentic as it is captivating, enveloping you in the true essence of your music.

Four-Stage Architecture with Ultra-Low-Noise Voltage Regulators

  • Feature: With a four-stage architecture reinforced by ultra-low-noise voltage regulators, the PST-10 ensures the smoothest power distribution.
  • Benefit: The absence of voltage noise means every listen is imbued with exceptional dynamic range and detail. Enjoy subtler musical textures and an enhanced depth that brings every nuance to life, ensuring you hear your collection as the artists intended.

Custom Silver-Core Conductor Cable

  • Feature: This device comes with a 1.5m custom power cord fashioned from silver-core conductor cable.
  • Benefit: The superior conductivity of silver ensures that the power transmitted to your turntable is consistent and pure. This meticulous design choice minimizes transmission loss, guaranteeing an energizing clarity that can elevate any musical piece.

Maximum Variation of Output Voltage of 0.05%

  • Feature: The PST-10 achieves a maximum output voltage variation of only 0.05%.
  • Benefit: By maintaining such a rigorous standard, the power supply guarantees your turntable's performance is stable and precise. This ensures exacting fidelity to the original recording, keeping the music's integrity untouched.

Impressive Noise Rejection Capabilities

  • Feature: Featuring over 80dB line and common mode noise rejections.
  • Benefit: This exceptional noise rejection capability serves as an acoustic shield for your listening space, casting aside external disturbances that could color the sound. What remains is a pure, unadulterated audio signal that allows your music to flourish.

Rapid Full Power Response Time

  • Feature: The power supply brags a full power response time of less than 2.5 microseconds.
  • Benefit: Speed is of the essence in high-fidelity audio, and the PST-10's swift response time means your turntable is always ready to deliver peak performance at a moment's notice. Feel every beat, pulse, and rhythm with immediacy that puts you in the center of the performance.

Eco-Friendly Standby Power Feature

  • Feature: A standby power consumption of less than 1W.
  • Benefit: Even when not in use, the PST-10 prioritizes efficiency, making it a green choice for the environmentally conscious audiophile. This feature contributes to a lower energy footprint without sacrificing performance.

Generous Dynamic Power Allocation

  • Feature: Dynamic power exceeds 50W to accommodate even the most demanding audio setups.
  • Benefit: Benefit from the reassurance that your turntable is backed by a powerhouse. With ample dynamic power at its disposal, the PST-10 effectively caters to both nuanced acoustic performances and the soaring crescendos of powerful symphonies.

Robust and Elegant Construction

  • Feature: The PST-10 demonstrates a solid build at 3kg net weight (4kg boxed) with dimensions of 200mm W x 80mm H x 260mm D.
  • Benefit: Match aesthetic grace with assured durability. The construction of the PST-10 not only complements the elegance of your audio equipment but also promises a lasting presence that withstands the test of time.

Every aspect of the Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply screams excellence, a signature of the brand's dedication to the art of perfect sound reproduction. Elevate your auditory journey with a companion that honors your music's original heartbeat.

Specifications: Gold Note - PST-10 - External Power Supply

With the Gold Note PST-10 External Power Supply, you stand at the threshold of an auditory domain where excellence is not just desired, but a tangible reality. As this juggernaut becomes the backbone of your turntable's functionality, every listening session transcends into a sacred ritual of pure, untarnished sound. Let the PST-10 be your vessel to navigate through the seas of unparalleled tonal fidelity, where each turn of the record unfolds the essence of the artist's intent, untouched and vivid, as if played for the very first time. For those who demand nothing but the pinnacle of audio performance, The Audio Tailor awaits to forge your next leap in high-fidelity listening. Embrace the power, the precision, the purity of the Gold Note PST-10, and perpetuate your passion for vinyl, knowing that with this power supply, your musical journey knows no bounds. Visit us at our Brisbane store or reach out through our Contact Page to channel the true spirit of high-fidelity into your home today.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications: Gold Note - PST-10 - External Power Supply
Main Features
- Designed to enhance the performance of Gold Note turntables
- Super inductive dual-choke hybrid design for voltage filtering
- Eliminates interference and electrical noise
- Proprietary Dual-Choke design for effective shielding
- Creates the ideal environment for turntable performance
- 4-stage architecture with ultra-low-noise voltage regulators
- Includes a custom 1.5m power cord with a silver-core conductor cable
Technical Specifications
- Audio Grade Transformers: 4
- Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulators: 4
- Maximum Variation of Output Voltage: 0.05%
- Line Noise Rejection: >80dB
- Common Mode Noise Rejection: >80dB
- Full Power Response Time: <2.5µsec
- Connecting Cable: Silver custom power cable
- Power Supply: 100-120V / 220-240V with auto-sensing, 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption: 25W
- Dynamic Power: >50W
- Stand-By Power: <1W
- Fuse: 0.5A T
Dimensions and Weight
- Dimensions: 200mm W (Width) x 80mm H (Height) x 260mm D (Depth)
- Weight: 3 Kg (net), 4 Kg (boxed)

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