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Monitor Audio - CP-IW460X - In-Wall Speaker

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Get ready to elevate your audio experience with the Monitor Audio CP-IW460X In-Wall Speaker. Featuring Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cone material and RST (Rigid Surface Technology), these speakers are built to deliver top-of-the-line sound quality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. With dual 6.5" bass drivers and twin 4" mids, this speaker delivers clean and powerful sound across all frequencies. Its innovative, high-frequency rotating system allows for flexible orientation while the integrated back-box offers rear sound isolation for a controlled performance. Engineered with the patented Tri-Grip fixing system for easy installation and with a trim-less, low profile design, this speaker blends seamlessly into any décor. The CP-IW460X isn’t just a speaker, it's an immersive sound experience wrapped in a modern and sophisticated package.

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ℹ Product Information

CP-IW460X In-Wall Speaker by Monitor Audio

Bring sonic perfection within your reach with the sensational Monitor Audio’s CP-IW460X In-Wall Speaker. A testament to superior engineering, this precision-crafted speaker amplifies your audio experience to celestial heights. Equipped with the latest drivers arranged in a strategically compact three-way, five-driver configuration, set within a meticulously crafted closed-box design, this speaker is synonymous with unrivalled audio performance. The CP-IW460X encompasses Monitor Audio’s distinguished C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cone material armed with the innovative RST (Rigid Surface Technology), all embraced within a die-cast aluminium baffle. Dual 6.5" bass drivers and twin 4" mids are flanked on either side of a dynamic, high-frequency ribbon tweeter – a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ arrangement that ensures balanced and compelling sound output. Embedded within a solid cast polymer cabinet, this speaker is designed for high rigidity and superior acoustic damping. Its high-end crossover design encompassing audiophile-grade capacitors, high overall efficiency, and an integrated back-box all combine to deliver commanding SPL for an awe-inspiring home theatre experience. Plus, the glamorous trim-less magnetic grilles make the speaker not just an impressive sound master but also a visual delight, blending effortlessly into any interior design. With a frequency response spanning from 50 Hz to an incredible 60 kHz, the CP-IW460X serves as your ticket to awe-inspiring bass, clean mids, and sharp, sparkling highs. Uncover the true essence of sound with Monitor Audio’s CP-IW460X – where exquisite design meets exceptional performance!


  • Dual 6.5” C-CAM bass drivers: Delivers punchy bass and clear midrange performance augmented by the rigidity offered by the die-cast alloy bass driver chassis.
  • Dual 4” C-CAM mid-range drivers: Features RST ‘dimpled’ cone and underhung voice coil technologies for superior audio reproduction.
  • C-CAM Ribbon High Frequency transducer: Offers exquisite high-frequency sound, with a HF rotating system for adjustable orientation.
  • Integrated back-box: Provides rear sound isolation resulting in a 'controlled performance.'
  • Cast Polymer enclosure: Engineered for optimum rigidity and exceptional acoustic damping.
  • High-end crossover design: Contains low loss inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors to enhance the sonic journey.
  • Patented Tri-Grip fixing system: Ensures easy installation and more surface area than conventional clamping methods.
  • Trim-less, low profile magnetic grilles: Provides a visually appealing, low-profile addition that is easy to install and service.


  • Powerful Audio Delivery: With a frequency response of 50Hz to 60kHz, the speaker delivers powerful bass, clean midranges, and sharp, crisp highs for an immersive audio experience.
  • Advanced Sound Technology: Incorporating C-CAM cone material with RST, the speaker ensures high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Flexible Orientation: The innovative HF rotating system allows both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Easy Installation: With the patented Tri-Grip fixing system, the speaker's installation is hassle-free and does not require any specialized clamping systems.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The trim-less, low-profile magnetic grilles blend seamlessly with any interior design, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Efficient Sound Isolation: The integrated back-box ensures rear sound isolation for superior audio performance.
  • Stable Performance: The cast polymer enclosure offers a high degree of rigidity, ensuring stable and consistent audio output.
  • Enhanced Durability: The die-cast aluminium baffle provides added sturdiness to the speaker, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Product Specifications

Model: CP-IW460X - In-Wall Speaker
Design: Three-way design in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration
Material: Cast Polymer enclosure with die-cast Aluminium baffle
Drive Unit: 2 x 6.5” C-CAM Bass drivers with RST cone technology, 2 x 4” C-CAM Mid-range drivers with RST cone technology, 1 x C-CAM H.F ribbon transducer
Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 60 kHz (-6 dB typical in room response)
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 89 dB (1W@1M)
Maximum SPL: 113.8 dBA
Power Handling (RMS): 150 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 60 - 150 W
Crossover Frequency: L.F - 500 Hz @ 12 dB/Octave; M.F -500 Hz @ 12 dB/Octave. 3 kHz @ 18 dB/Octave; H.F - 3 kHz @ 18 dB/Octave
Adjustment Controls: Boundary Compensation (On/Off), MF Level: +1/0/-1 (dB), HF Level: +1/0/-1 (dB)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 907 x 257 mm (35 3/4 x 10 1/8")
Overall Depth (Including Grille): 102 mm (4")
Cut-Out Dimensions: 880 x 230 mm (34 21/32 x 9")
Mounting Depth: 96 mm (3 3/4")
Fixing Type: 10 x Tri-Grip Dog leg fixings
Weight: 12.98 kg (28 lb 6 oz)
Pre-Construction Bracket: WB12 Pre-Construction Bracket (Green)
Sold as: individually

Indulge in unparalleled auditory celebration with the Monitor Audio's CP-IW460X In-Wall Speaker, exquisitely crafted for the discerning audiophile. This transcendent auditory marvel is a stunning blend of innovative engineering and aesthetic sophistication, boasting superior audio quality that takes your sensory experience to the next level. Savour the uncompromising sound performance across all tonal ranges, owing to a myriad of technological features artfully encapsulated within its exquisite, space-saving form. With the confidence of a 50Hz-60kHz frequency response, this speaker ensures you miss none of the finer details nor the heart-thumping bass in your favourite music or movies, delivering them in beautiful, room-filling resonance. Whether you’re an ardent music enthusiast or a movie lover who demands nothing but a top-notch surround sound atmosphere, the CP-IW460X is your trusted companion. Wrap yourself in the captivating, crystalline sound clarity of Monitor Audio’s CP-IW460X In-Wall Speaker, and immerse in an audio ecstasy like never before. For enquiries or to make a purchase, get in touch with us on 1300 308 711, or email at Alternatively, you can visit us at our Brisbane Store or our Contact URL. At The Audio Tailor - Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store, get ready for an auditory adventure of a lifetime!

ℹ Specifications
Product Specifications Details
Model CP-IW460X - In-Wall Speaker
Design Three-way design in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration
Material Cast Polymer enclosure with die-cast Aluminium baffle
Drive Unit 2 x 6.5” C-CAM Bass drivers with RST cone technology, 2 x 4” C-CAM Mid-range drivers with RST cone technology, 1 x C-CAM H.F ribbon transducer
Frequency Response 50 Hz - 60 kHz (-6 dB typical in room response)
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Sensitivity 89 dB (1W@1M)
Maximum SPL 113.8 dBA
Power Handling (RMS) 150 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 60 - 150 W
Crossover Frequency L.F - 500 Hz @ 12 dB/Octave; M.F -500 Hz @ 12 dB/Octave. 3 kHz @ 18 dB/Octave; H.F - 3 kHz @ 18 dB/Octave
Adjustment Controls Boundary Compensation (On/Off), MF Level: +1/0/-1 (dB), HF Level: +1/0/-1 (dB)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 907 x 257 mm (35 3/4 x 10 1/8")
Overall Depth (Including Grille) 102 mm (4")
Cut-Out Dimensions 880 x 230 mm (34 21/32 x 9")
Mounting Depth 96 mm (3 3/4")
Fixing Type 10 x Tri-Grip Dog leg fixings
Weight 12.98 kg (28 lb 6 oz)
Pre-Construction Bracket WB12 Pre-Construction Bracket (Green)
Sold as individually

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