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Montaudio - Tongariro - Vibration Dampener


Premium Tuneable HiFi Isolation Feet

Inspired by the construct of the oldest national park in New Zealand and the home to both an UNESCO listed forest and the youngest volcano on the island, the Tongariro TR Premium Tuneable HiFi Isolation Feet combines materials of varying hardness with fine height adjustability to refine the sonic performance of any audiophile setup.

Innovatively designed, the Tongariro TR employs a triple-sandwich construction with high-quality solid stainless steel, precision milled walnut wood and engineered elastomers, which are united with fine height adjustment capability for unprecedented, fine-tuned dampening performance.

Starting with the solid stainless-steel inner cone designed for spikes, a natural walnut wood casing surrounds the inner cone whilst remaining isolated from the precision-machined solid stainless-steel outer case via twin engineered elastomer rings. A specially formulated elastomer ring crowns the walnut wood with twin rings under the outer case ensuring soft contact, grip and isolation. Underneath the outer case, a centre stainless-steel screw post provides fine height adjustment for the isolated walnut wood casing.

With its unique sandwich composite of materials of varying dampening characteristics perfectly fused in a fine height adjustable structure, the Tongariro TR awards listeners with a rare ability to fine tune its vibration attenuation behaviour for enhanced clarity, accuracy and a mesmeric soundstage.

Strong, Substantial, Ingenious – prepare to be invigorated.


  • Type: Premium Tuneable HiFi Isolation Feet
  • Net Weight: Approx. 275g / pc
  • Construction: Unibody Solid Stainless-Steel CNC + Solid Walnut Wood construction
  • Dimensions: Approx. ø 52.5 mm x H 31 mm
  • Load: Recommended up to 40 kg / pc
  • Packaging: 4 units/ package

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