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Ortofon - MC Xpression - Cartridge



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The state of the art product, the Ortofon Xpression represents a combination of three elements very characteristic for Ortofon:

- The cutting edge SLM materials technology pioneered by the MC A90 and SPU 90th Anniversary - Modification of the generator system introduced with the MC A90 and the the MC Windfeld - Ortofon design tradition
The Xpression cartridge bridges the gap between the SPU-type cartridges and High-End cartridges like the MC A90 and the MC Windfeld designed for headshell mounting. The result is a high-performance moving coil cartridge with the convenience of a standard headshell connector, which provides a simple and elegant method of directly connecting the generator and tonearm via the Xpression’s one-piece body.
Since the cartridge length is identical to that of an SPU, the Xpression can easily be fitted onto tonearms without additional concern for proper alignment. The cartridge height is likewise identical to the SPU height, which makes further VTA adjustments unnecessary. The length of the cartridge ensures proper match with the SME-mount type tonearms, e.g. SME, Grace, Fidelity Research, SAEC and Micro Seiki brands. Additionally, the mass and compliance properties of the Xpression ensure that a proper match will be achieved with any SPU-compatible arm.
Technical Specifications Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. 0,3 mV CHANNEL balance at 1 kHz < 0,2 dBChannel separation at 1 kHz > 28 dBChannel separation at 15 kHz > 22 dB Frequency response 20Hz-20.000 Hz +0.5 /- 1.5 dB Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force 90 µmCompliance, dynamic, lateral 11 µm/mNStylus type Special polished Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 on Boron CantileverStylus tip radius r/R 5/100 µmTracking force range 2.3 -2.8 g (23-28 mN)Tracking force, recommended 2,6 g (26 mN)Tracking angle 23°Internal impedance, DC resistance 4 OhmRecommended load impedance > 10 Ohm CARTRIDGE body material SLM Stainless Steel and Special proprietary TPE-compoundCartridge colour BlackCartridge weight 28 gram