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Spin Clean Record Washer Fluid



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Spin Clean Record Washer Fluid (Large 8oz / ~235ml) Bottle.

If you're like us, you'll clean a lot of records, so getting a large bottle of the Spin Clean Washer Fluid makes sense. Keep it as a backup or in addition to the fluid that comes with the Spin Clean.

Spin Clean's Record Washer Fluid doesn't contain any alcohols, which ensures the solution will not damage the labels on your vinyl records and will easily wipe off, without any residue.

For records that are extremely dirty or haven't been cleaned in a long time, Spin Clean suggests that you 'bath' each record more than once. 'Bathing' each record multiple times won't damage them, and will provide an even better clean for those extremely dirty records.

Should you use distilled water or normal tap water?Spin Clean recommends that you use distilled water with the Spin Clean Fluid. This ensures that minerals and other deposits aren't left behind in the record grooves. Using tap water will affect the efficacy of the Spin Clean fluid.

Spin Clean Washer Fluid is a specially formulated liquid that causes the dirt from your records to sink to the bottom of the Spin Clean Record Washer's basin. This prevents the dirt from 'clinging' back to your records during the clean. Occasionally, you will need to discard the basin's dirty water and fill with fresh distilled water and Spin Clean Fluid. This will ensure that the Spin Clean Fluid works optimally to ensure all of your records are cleaned correctly.


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