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Sharp - RP-107 - Front Loading Turntable Pre loved classic very rare

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Experience high-quality, retro-inspired audio with the Sharp - RP-107 - Front Loading Turntable. This fully automatic turntable is an audiophile's dream, featuring a flip-over, linear tracking tonearm for effortless both sides play. With features such as a current track display, track search, and playback programming––you have ultimate control over your music. The RP-107 is also equipped with a syncro mode for seamless tape recording. Moreover, it guarantees accurate pitch control with its 33.33 and 45rpm speeds, and minimal distortion with a wow and flutter rating of 0.06% WRMS. Enhanced with a dynamic balance tangential tracking tonearm and a VM-type cartridge, it offers a broad frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. This turntable crafts a noteworthy accent of vintage charm to your home while delivering excellent sound reproduction. Discover music in its purest form with the Sharp RP-107.

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ℹ Product Information

Sharp - RP-107 - Front Loading Turntable

Hard to find Linear tracking Sharp record player, classic piece of audio history from this giant of Japanese manufacturing. In good working order these are rare beasts indeed.

This unit would more suit a collector looking to find this unusual piece. Very few of this model were ever sold here in Australia due to the expense of the unit against its fellow products. The unit is in good overall condition for its age with some normal wear and tear.

This product is certified and tested and comes with a limited warranty.

This would suit someone looking to add this to their collection rather than someone wanting a daily drive. Like an old classic car if your wanting to clock up 20,000 klms per year then a newer car may be a better choice.

This trade-in unit is designed with a fully automatic structure, the RP-107 adds a touch of convenience to a classically revered medium. This model boasts an adaptable flip-over, linear tracking tonearm that capably handles both sides play.

Meanwhile, the current track display, track search, and playback programming features keep you in command of the music while the tape record synchro mode ensures your vinyl's rhythm never misses a beat.

The RP-107 has speeds from 33.33 to 45rpm -

With a wow and flutter rate of just 0.06% WRMS and a rumble of 65dB, this turntable provides a remarkably stable, distortion-free listening experience. Its dynamic balanced tangential tracking tonearm and VM type cartridge ensure that the stylus threads the grooves of your records with utmost precision, resulting in a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz – built to cover the entire audio spectrum. The unit offers an output of 3mV, and its replacement stylus, the STY-133.


  1. Fully Automatic: The RP-107 operates with full automation, ensuring a smooth immersive musical journey from start to finish.
  2. Flip-Over Linear Tracking Tonearm: This promoting accessory allows both sides of your vinyl to play, with no need for flipping the record manually.
  3. Current Track Display and Track Search: Be always in control of your music with these handy features.
  4. Playback Programming: It enables you to arrange the order in which your tracks play to create the perfect auditory experience.
  5. Tape Record Synchro Mode: Your music will always be in harmony with a synchronization function that never falters.
  6. Various Speeds: It offers speeds of 33.33 and 45rpm, ensuring perfectly played records every single time.
  7. Low Wow and Flutter: Enjoy an undistorted, smooth listening experience with a wow and flutter rate of just 0.06% WRMS.
  8. Reduced Rumble: The turntable provides a substantially quiet operation with a rumble measure of 65dB.
  9. Tangential Tracking Tonearm: The dynamic balanced tangential tracking tonearm ensures precise stylus tracking.
  10. High-Quality Cartridge: The VM type cartridge ensures your record grooves are followed with precision.
  11. Extended Frequency Response: Experience every note with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  12. Replacement Stylus: The STY-133 replacement stylus prolongs the lifespan of your turntable.


  1. Seamless Operation: Enjoy the effortless operation of a fully automatic turntable.
  2. Full Record Playback: No need to flip your record halfway, just sit back and enjoy your music.
  3. Full Control: Easily navigate through your tracks and control your playback.
  4. Personalized Experience: Arrange your favorite tracks in your preferred order.
  5. Flawless Music: The synchro mode ensures your music is always in rhythm and harmonious.
  6. Perfect Speed: Cater to all your music needs with varying speed options.
  7. Crystal Clear Sound: The low wow and flutter rate guarantees a distortion-free sound.
  8. Quiet Operation: Less rumble means more enjoyment of your records.
  9. Accurate Tracking: The precision of the tangential tracking tonearm translates to better sound.
  10. High Fidelity: The VM cartridge ensures better tracking of your records for high-fidelity sound.
  11. Full Range Sound: The extended frequency response allows for a complete audio experience.
  12. Longevity: The STY-133 replacement stylus ensures your turntable remains in top condition for longer.

Product Information Specifications

Product: Sharp - RP-107 - Front Loading Turntable (Trade-In)
Type: Automatic, both sides play
Play Speeds: 33.33 and 45 rpm
Wow and Flutter: 0.06% WRMS
Rumble: 65dB
Tonearm: Dynamic balance tangential tracking
Cartridge: VM type
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Output: 3mV
Replacement Stylus: STY-133
Special Features: Current track display, track search, playback programming, and tape record synchro mode

Experience the pinnacle of aural sophistication with the Sharp - RP-107 - Front Loading Turntable, the essential addition to any vinyl enthusiast's collection. Delivering sharp acoustics and an unmatched level of vinyl interaction, this superb turntable bridges the gap between past and present, seamlessly fusing retro charm with contemporary functionality. Whether you’re reliving classic record wonders or diving into the celluloid grooves of new vinyl releases, the RP-107 is your access gateway into a world where every musical note is celebrated. Make it your own today through The Audio Tailor - Australia's #1 Hi-Fi Store. For trade-in inquiries, give us a call at 1300 308 711 or drop us an email at You may also visit our Brisbane store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172. Embrace the musical journey that the Sharp - RP-107 offers, where you can revisit the golden era of vinyl while basking in high-quality sound that's truly timeless. Connect with us and let us tailor the audio experience you deserve.

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ℹ Specifications
Product Information Specifications
Play Speeds:
Wow and Flutter:
Frequency Response:
Replacement Stylus:
Special Features:

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