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Gold Note - PSU-5 - Phono Stage power supply

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Our Thoughts

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled clarity of vinyl audio with the Gold Note PSU-5 Phono Stage Power Supply—an essential upgrade for any discerning audiophile seeking to elevate their listening experience. Expertly crafted in the heart of Italy, the PSU-5 is a testament to Gold Note's commitment to sonic perfection. Experience the dynamic power and exquisite detail this power supply brings to the PH-5 phono stage, courtesy of a dual-transformer circuit designed to deliver nothing but the cleanest, most consistent energy to your analog system. Eliminate noise and revel in the silence from which every note emerges with astonishing realism, thanks to the PSU-5's groundbreaking inductive filter—efficiently eradicating interference from the AC power grid. With over 80dB line and common mode noise rejection and a swift full power response time, the PSU-5 ensures that the audio signal is maintained at maximum integrity for an authentic vinyl experience that truly replicates the artist's original intent. The Gold Note PSU-5 doesn't just power your phono stage; it reinvents it, with a robust set of technical specifications that promise a steadfast performance with less than 0. 05% variation in output voltage. Housed in a sleek, thoughtfully engineered chassis, this power supply unit stands as a bold statement of luxury and high-fidelity prowess. Ready to revolutionize your musical journey? The Gold Note PSU-5 awaits you at The Audio Tailor—Australia's premier destination for hi-fi excellence.

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ℹ Product Information

Gold Note PSU-5 Phono Stage Power Supply

Unveil the full potential of your vinyl collection and immerse yourself in the unparalleled clarity of analog sound with the Gold Note PSU-5 Phono Stage Power Supply. As a vinyl connoisseur, you know that every nuanced detail contributes to the richness of your auditory experience. That's why the PSU-5 is more than a power supply—it's the heartbeat of your PH-5 phono stage, meticulously designed to elevate your Gold Note system to new heights of audio fidelity.

Features / Benefits

Dedicated Design for Peak Performance
The Gold Note PSU-5 is specifically engineered to complement your PH-5 phono stage. By pairing these two components, you ensure the power supply is fine-tuned for your audio setup—like a handcrafted suit, tailored to perfection.

Custom-Built Italian Transformers
The dual-transformer circuit within the PSU-5 reflects Italian craftsmanship. Each transformer is custom-made to exact specifications, ensuring high-quality, consistent power to your phono stage.

Inductive Filter Technology
The built-in inductive filter, designed with a dedicated transformer, stands as the gatekeeper against AC power grid noise, delivering purity to your audio system.

Over 50 Watts of Dynamic Power
A bold power statement of over 50 watts means that the PSU-5 not only meets the energetic demands of your music but exceeds them with authority and control.

Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulation
With three ultra-low noise voltage regulators built into its design, the PSU-5 maintains a serene audio environment, allowing the music to occupy the space without competition.

Exceptional Voltage Stability
The PSU-5 boasts an impressive 0.05% maximum variation of output voltage, safeguarding your listening sessions from the inconsistencies that plague lesser power supplies.

Rapid Full Power Response
With a full power response time of less than 2.5 microseconds, the PSU-5 reacts swiftly to the immediate demands of your audio, ensuring a response that keeps pace with the dynamism of any track.

Sleek and Robust Build
A testament to the confluence of form and function, the PSU-5 is not only a technical marvel but also a visual complement to your audio system, with a robust 2-kilogram chassis designed to last.

Energy Efficient Operation
Mindful of consumption, the PSU-5 utilizes just 25W of power under normal conditions and drops below 1W when in standby, reflecting a commitment to energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Sophisticated Circuitry for Noise Rejection
Excelling in line and common mode noise rejection (>80dB), the PSU-5 ensures that what reaches your ears is nothing but the purest sound your vinyl can produce.

Universal Voltage Compatibility
Whether your system requires 100-120V or 220-240V power, the PSU-5's auto-sense capability automatically adjusts to your local mains supply, making it a versatile companion in any country.

By integrating the Gold Note PSU-5 into your audio system, you ensure every playback is not just heard, but felt with all the emotional depth and complexity your vinyl collection deserves.

Specifications: Gold Note - PSU-5 - Phono Stage Power Supply

Product Feature Specification
Main Features 3 rail audio grade power supply
2-transformer linear power supply stage
Inductive filter to reduce AC noise
Technical Features 3 ultra-low noise voltage regulators
Maximum Variation of Output Voltage 0.05%
Line Noise Rejection >80dB
Common Mode Noise Rejection >80dB
Full Power Response Time <2.5µsec
Power 100-120V / 220-240V with auto sense
Power Consumption 25W
Dynamic Power >50W
Standby Power <1W
Fuse 0.5A T
Dimensions and Weight 200mm W x 80mm H x 260mm D
Weight 2kg (net), 3kg (boxed)
Product Description Upgrade for PH-5 phono stage to enhance
vinyl reproduction quality and performance
Custom-made in Italy

Elevate every encounter with your cherished vinyl to an auditory odyssey with the Gold Note PSU-5 Phono Stage Power Supply. Brought to you by The Audio Tailor—Australia's premier Hi-Fi store—, this essential upgrade represents the zenith of uncompromising quality and the manifestation of our promise to deliver audio experiences that resonate with purity and precision. Crafted meticulously in the heart of Italy, the PSU-5 stands as a tribute to the art of fine listening. The palpable presence of your desired tranquil sonatas and the rousing swell of symphonies are preserved and presented with unrivaled veracity, thanks to the PSU-5's unmatched electrical finesse. Don't just listen to your records—feel them in their full glory as your turntable transforms into an oracle of sound. Embrace the silent strength of the PSU-5 and let it be the silent guardian of your audio sanctuary. Dial 1300 308 711 or reach out to to complete your Gold Note ensemble with this exemplary phono stage power supply, because at The Audio Tailor, it’s not just about hearing music—it's about experiencing it in its richest form. Visit us in-store at Unit 9/20 Rivergate Place, Murarrie QLD 4172, or connect with us online; your journey towards audio perfection awaits with the Gold Note PSU-5.

ℹ Specifications
Specifications: Gold Note - PSU-5 - Phono Stage Power Supply
Product Feature
Main Features
Technical Features
Maximum Variation of Output Voltage
Line Noise Rejection
Common Mode Noise Rejection
Full Power Response Time
Power Consumption
Dynamic Power
Standby Power
Dimensions and Weight
Product Description

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